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Why am I getting the notification "Suspicious Activity Detected" for a trusted application?

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The message ‘Suspicious Activity detected’ is a notification that Webroot SecureAnywhere provides when a change is made to the system that may resemble behavior of a malicious process. Generally speaking, these notifications are not malicious as there are a number of automated tasks that can occur within OS-X that could trigger it. Common tasks that could prompt this message are updates to software, or Folder Actions. It’s common that these kinds of tasks change or modify ‘plist’ files that affect the overall preferences for the system.

You may see in the alert mention of a plist (property list) file, which stores all the settings for an application, or LaunchDaemons, which are a scheduled task to run a single or selection of services. If you ever receive these prompts, you can safely click OK. If the alert repeats multiple times you may click Ignore. We are actively working to improve our SecureAnywhere agent for Mac and new design implementations are coming soon for these prompts and alerts.

Please note, the alert will only show up once to notify you that a trusted application or system process has done something a bit different today. If it was genuinely suspicious or malicious activity, it would be blocked by the client.

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