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Controlling WRData folder size - help needed


I recently discovered that the gradually increasing size of my dive image files and decreasing SSD capacity were directly attributable to an enormous SecureAnywhere WRData folder.

I contacted support and received the following response: “To start it fresh you can uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere normally and then delete the WRData folder and restart your computer, then reinstall Webroot and there will be a new WRData folder.”

I completed all steps as instructed. Between my November 20, 2013 reinstall and this post, the WRData folder has grown from a few megabytes to over 2.6 gigabytes. In comparison, the 2 day old and still growing WRData folder is roughly 4 times the size of all of my Norton Internet Security files/folder combined.

The above noted :

Is this normal for the WRData folder or do I have a problem?

Is there a way to reduce the number and/or limit the size of the database files in the WRData folder?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...

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Re: Controlling WRData folder size - help needed

Hello Donald and welcome to the Webroot Community!


Yes, it is known issue that should be addressed in one of next updates. Please read this thread from Wilders where the lead developer explains this issue.


I draw your attention especially to post # 3 "I suspect you'll have a couple large files with the name db[Numbers].db. If your system is clean, you can delete these, but I suggest first writing into our support inbox to ensure everything is legitimate:

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Re: Controlling WRData folder size - help needed

I have just noticed that my C:\ProgramData\WRData folder is at 17GB! with several recent .db files at 2GB! (Windows 7). This possibly corresponds to a recent slowdown on my machine.

I believe the only fix is to un/reinstall and am ready to do that but have raised a support ticket first - maybe they can see what is causing it?




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Re: Controlling WRData folder size - help needed

Hello paulderdash and welcome to the Webroot Community!


I would wait on that uninstall/reinstall until you hear from Support.  Good moving filing the Trouble Ticket, as it was believed the bloated data file had been repaired at this time.  If for some reason the fix did not work on your computer, or there is a different bug, the ticket will help them not only fix your issue, but help others as well Smiley Happy



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Re: Controlling WRData folder size - help needed


My WRData was about 10 GB by the time I found a solution; the folder is currently around 390 MB.

I received initial and follow-up responses from Webroot support, which were as follows:

RESPONSE ONE (body) (Nov 19, 2013 21:54)

 “To start it fresh you can uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere normally and then Delete the WRData folder and restart your computer, then reinstall Webroot and there will be a new WRData folder.”

RESPONSE TWO (body) (Nov 25, 2013 11:12)

“Thank you for your report. We have researched your issue and have updated our database to address this issue. Following reports such as yours, we recommend you run one Deep Scan with Webroot Secure Anywhere. To do so, please follow the instructions below.

1. Open SecureAnywhere and click the 'cog' beside 'PC Security'.
2. On the Scan & Shields tab, select Custom Scan.
3. Select deep scan from the Customized Scan Window and Click Start Scan

This will start a Deep Scan of your system. This should help with the issue that you are seeing.”

Initially, neither the uninstall/delete/reinstall nor the deep scan methods worked for me when performed in isolation. However, performing the Deep Scan immediately after reinstalling the software has apparently corrected the problem on my computer.

Hope this helps…



Re: Controlling WRData folder size - help needed

You must of had allot of unknown files on your PC and when you sent them a ticket they must of whitelisted all of them the only reason that WRData Folder would get that large is if it was monitoring many program processes so if it was malicious WSA would be able to rollback to the pre-infection state.


But in the latest release v8.0.4.42 they added to it self clean old monitoring db files.


Automatic cleanup of old rollback data.


Also you can check your scan log and if you have many [U] files just contact support and they will whitelist them for you in the future.




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Re: Controlling WRData folder size - help needed

The un/re will fix this as it removes old journaling information however if your are running programs that are still unknown in our Database the client will start monitoring them again. We can whitelist these to stop this, if you can submit a support ticket we can sort this out quickly enough. 

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Re: Controlling WRData folder size - help needed

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

Support replied within 10 hours and requested I upload information they require via their rather neat wsalogs.exe log gathering utility:

I do havemany apps (some possibly obscure) but I believe my system is clean (according to Malwarebytes Pro).

I will await their further instruction and post the outcome here.

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Re: Controlling WRData folder size - help needed

I appreciate the comments being made to this thread… However, the responses focused on installed software, obscure or otherwise, are separate and distinct from a software fault that allows any security program to utilize excessive and unreasonable disk space.  


In my case, I do not have “obscure” or unknown software installed on my computer (e.g., 100% trusted/good with many users and 0% unproven, unknown or poor via Norton Insight). Equally, I made no changes in software between the time my WRData folder inevitably reached 10 GB in a matter of days, and the current and stable post re-installation and fix size of roughly 300 MB (i.e., nor did the problem exist in the previous version of the software)..


Also in my case, the re-installation and deletion of the WRData folder reclaimed my disk space and I am assuming that the updated but overdue database and/or program updates addressed the software fault that was allowing the .db files to utilize excessive and unreasonable disk space. Contrariwise, the notion that that any security program will only work properly when a smaller number of files are stored on the computer and only when all programs are readily known, is a bit impractical.


Accordingly, I am personally very pleased that Webroot support was responsive and despite the delay, that the updated database and/or updated version addressed this bug so that I can continue to use SecureAnywhere.

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Re: Controlling WRData folder size - help needed

Initial response from Support was as follows:


After receiving and reviewing the logs it looks like we are excessively monitoring multiple programs that would cause the jump in WrData size.

Have you allowed the following files yet?


Those are the ones being monitored.


followed by the instruction to uninstall / reinstall the software.


I 'allowed' the files listed, exported settings, reinstalled and reimported settings, but then saw the large WRData folder was still there. I then repeated the process (as per f_donald - thanks!) deleting the WRData folder this time before installing again. The WRData folder is now<69MB. I will monitor this.


I would hope they have made adjustments 'in the cloud' to exclude monitoring of these files, as none are suspect.