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Regarding windows firewall settings



I checked my windows fireawll settings and it was turned on, does webroot secure anywhere complete use it's own firewall? Or is it using windows firewall? I just don't want to have 2 firewalls running if it's not needed, I'd like to think for the price webroot uses it's own firewall.


Thank you :smileyhappy:

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Re: Regarding windows firewall settings

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Hello Jammerdelray, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :smileyhappy:

You need to keep Windows firewall "ON". WSA is a added protection to Windows Firewall.


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Re: Regarding windows firewall settings

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Hello Jammerdelray,

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Webroot's inbound component works in tandem with Windows firewall. Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials and Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete both include an intelligent, hassle-free firewall that monitors data traffic traveling in and out of your computer ports. It looks for untrusted processes that try to connect to the Internet and send your personal information to potential thieves and blocks them automatically, or can be configured to force applications to ask permission when trying to connect outbound.

The SecureAnywhere firewall works with the built-in Windows firewall, which blocks malicious data traffic coming into your computer. If the Windows Security Center on your system reports that no firewall is turned on, please enable your Windows Firewall. With both the Webroot and Windows firewalls turned on, your data has complete inbound and outbound protection.


To learn more about the firewall, please click on the following link:


Hopefully this information answers your questions. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.



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Re: Regarding windows firewall settings

Thank you so much for the quick replys and warm welcomes in that case I'll leave windows firewall on then. I'm loving the protection this security software is offering.


Thanks again.

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Re: Regarding windows firewall settings

Welcome Jammerdelray to the Webroot Community Forums! :smileyhappy:




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