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sync pc/phone

i believe webroot uses sugarsync as backup and i know sugarsync syncs to pc's and phones,does wsa complete also sync to phones?if so how?if not maybe a future idea.


Re: sync pc/phone

It look like it does or you can access your files online with your smart phone have a look at this PDF:  I'm confident the webroot staff can answer if it does for sure!





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Re: sync pc/phone

it says you must have secure sync app that comes with wsa complete but i have not seen where that is?i have the backup on my computers but cant find out how to put on my droid?

Re: sync pc/phone

Like I said the staff from Webroot will let you know as I don't use the Complete version and don't need mobile phone security! That's why I posted the PDF link for you to read!




Re: sync pc/phone

You can use these instructions to receive the Android Complete security with the SecureAnywhere app, integrated Backup & Sync functionality with the SecureSync app, and integrated Password Management functionality with the SecureWeb app. All three apps will install and download at the same time.

1. If you have not yet created a Webroot account, go to Click Sign up now to begin creating the account.
2. From your mobile device, go to the Android Market.
3. Download and install the Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete Mobile app.  Note: there are several Webroot apps - but only one says "Complete"
4. After it downloads, tap the Open button.
5. At the license agreement, tap Accept.
6. In the Sign-in panel, enter the following information:

  • Your email address and password. This is the same login that you use to access your Webroot account at
  • Keycode for SecureAnywhere Complete. 

7. After entering your Webroot credentials and keycode, tap Login to Account at the bottom of the Sign-in panel.


Once you're done you will have all 3 Complete Android Apps, including SecureSync!


Sophia C
Product Manager
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Re: sync pc/phone

ok i got it. i installed and everything is working fine.

thanks triplehelix for the link and thanks sophia_ webroot for explaining