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will you be supporting linux in the future?

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will you be supporting linux in the future?

I just wondered if you will be supporting it. I do hear that it is secure as it is but I would love it if you would support it in the future. (I would be getting ubuntu someday.) It might be too complicated to give it disk optimization but even if i could get the other options it would be nice.  if this is impossible or unlikely do let me know. (I am not sure if this is true but the reason i would get linux is because I hear it has better privacy/base security.)  If it is unnessescary for a linux user to get this even if it could work then nevermind...

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Re: will you be supporting linux in the future?

Hello Zimuka!


Linux, as you know, is not currently supported.  I would suggest that you create an Idea Suggestion regarding Linux support.  (Note: Linux support may actually be considered in certain situations to be intertwined with this Previous Idea regarding a bootable Recovery CD.  The best way to get Linux support on the radar for consideration is to create an Idea suggesting it and receive Kudo's on the idea.  (I will Kudo it if you present it)



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Re: will you be supporting linux in the future?

I would live it and just like any operating system there is for sure viruses for it, I am am avid Linux user, slackware, Ubuntu, mint, arch, bsd, suse, kali, caine, fedora, I've pretty much tried all that isn't made for educational purposes. And on any of those I have clam av or comodo on it and it has caught some things, so it would be nice since truthfully, Linux and mac are almost two peas in a pod, almost everything on a mac is actually created off of Ubuntu and debian, even windows is based off of x-windows which is UNIX, which is Linux at its most basic forms.

So overall yes I totally agree with creating one since both that I have listed is heavy scanners and it would be nice to have one that is light. And asking as it would cover fedora, Ubuntu and debian, it would be rather universal and be able to be used by most Linux users
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