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Backup notification request

Status: New
by Webroot Employee on ‎06-17-2014 03:02 PM

Just adding on behalf of one of the customer.  Let see if we can get votes on it.

When I access files in the backup, I would like to be able to identify those backup files that are no longer in their corresponding computer folders so that I can choose to delete unmatched backup files. I believe that such a feature would be a valuable system enhancement.



It seems that Webroot does not have any Password Manager add-on for Firefox / Chrome to manage our passwords under Linux (Debian/Ubuntu in my case).
This is a great limitation because I need to manage my passwords anywhere under Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android at least with Firefox and Chrome.

It would be great if we could get a Password Manager add-on for Firefox / Chrome to manage our passwords under Linux.

Restore default tray icon

Status: New
by Community Guide The_Seeker on ‎01-25-2014 12:14 PM

I propose that a setting be added allowing the user to restore his/her default tray icon from the altered one triggered by an imminent subscription expiration.

Just wondering if it would be a useful option to provide the user who overrides a Web Treat Shield Notification, i.e., clicks 'Unblock page & continue', to have theoption to file a URL Reputation Change Request at that point by providing at least a link to the relevant web page at BrightCloud?


It could be made smarter/slicker if on taking the 'Unblock page & continue' the user was automatically presented with the option on a chose or leave basis before proceeding to the requested web page.


We get a lot of requests for advice on how to deal with what the user believes is an improper blcok and such fucntinality would allow them to place the request quickly/easily.


Again, just a thought re. the improved usability of the product.






Add reset to System Optimizer counter

Status: New
by J-L on ‎11-04-2014 11:47 AM

In at least WSA Complete when System Optimizer has been run, in Report, we see a cumulative number of space cleaned and returned for our use.  In Webroot Window Washer we could reset the counter, as I did at the end of each month for all machines.  We need that capability added for System Optimizer.  Oh sure, I remember how to subtract, but that's low tech!


Partental Controls - web browsing

Status: New
by Webroot Employee on ‎10-28-2014 01:46 PM

If we could connect the Brightcloud URL reputation and IP reputation to our consumer products, then a person could utilize the web classification categories as a method of parental controls for web browsing. This would require integrations into the browser or web traffic so a simple extension or plugin could not be disabled by the target user.

Hello ,


now when webroot block a website , must go to a URL and send request for Reclassification .


I suggestion users can send requst for Reclassification directly from block website " webroot message page "


now when webroot block a URL , only show unblock option for select .



WSA does not support moving from an expired WSA-Enterprise license to a WSA-A/WSA-IS. It will accept it but there are various issues and things that break or never get fixed up or added and the user will be oblivious to them. You need to completely remove WSA-E then install WSA-IS.


Please consider adding logic to warn users that this is not a supported function.


Opened a support case if Webroot staff need to see some of the consequences of customers in this situation.

Currently, when a user manually adds a program like an email client to ID shield's protection it only remembers that specific file. This means that when that program is updated, the file changes and the user has to add it again everytime that program is updated. I've contacted support on this, but they're basically saying WSA currently does not work this way.
That leads me to submitting this idea, because having to manually re-add several programs everytime they get updated is not exactly user-friendly.

Right Click Context menu items

Status: New
by Frequent Voice on ‎09-29-2014 07:38 PM

i think the context menu should have 2 options when right clicking a file/folder.
That should be Deep scan for all *.* and also a Light scan (For right clicking the whole E:\*.* drive )? Even an Sandbox right click menu item would be handy as well to run exe files in SandBox.

Making '?' '-' and 'x' more pronounced

Status: New
by Community Expert Advisor ams963 ‎10-04-2013 03:07 AM - edited ‎10-09-2013 07:53 AM



It'd be great if the '?' '-' and 'x' marks in WSA 2014 version are made more pronounced. I can barely see them.



Increase file submission size limit on website (not submission program)

Status: New
by Community Expert Advisor explanoit ‎11-24-2013 11:54 AM - edited ‎11-24-2013 12:03 PM

Please increase the size limit of file submissions from 10MB to 30MB on


I recently tried to upload a process that shouldn't be monitored via but it was too large. This increase is also needed for submitting PUA packages, which can often be bigger than 10MB.


I know your answer is to submit a ticket with WSAlogs but this is my preferred approach on casual submissions.

Webroot theme for Google Chrome

Status: New
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor on ‎04-05-2014 12:33 PM

Continuing the theme wallpaper)




Ability to disable "security disabled" warnings

Status: New
by Frequent Voice ‎01-16-2014 11:28 AM - edited ‎01-16-2014 12:39 PM

If you're already allowing the user to disable components of your software protection, i think we can safely presume the user should be smart enough to disable the "security dissabled" warnings, if they wish to.


This would satisfy those users who wish for those components to remain disabled and still show a "fully protected" experience when using the software.


WSA engineers can add double or even triple authentication messages the user will have to allow. This would certainly make the user aware of the choice being made. Or, perhaps, WSA engineers could show an alert on a weekly basis that components are disabled.





Bitdefender av allows this as does Bull Guard and a one other I can not remember. Thank you!


Powered by dragging the file CHROME_1.0.0.26.crx & lpchrome.crx
Checked with Comodo Dragon and Yandex.Browser


If it works in browsers based on Chromium, then you need to make an auto-install plug-in

System Optimizer Space Cleaned Suggestion

Status: New
by Community Guide MaXimus on ‎02-01-2014 01:55 PM

While cleaning, it displays the size of the files cleaned in bytes, very confusing...


Can we please have them make it in MB ? much easier to comprehend IMHO


Also, if a detailed results at the end of the scan is shown it would be great, like how CCleaner shows you a summary of what it cleaned and how much space from each category was cleaned



Open help pages in HTTPS

Status: New
by Community Expert Advisor explanoit ‎11-03-2013 08:27 PM - edited ‎11-03-2013 08:36 PM

When a help link in the WSA agent is clicked, it sends the agent information over HTTP before being redirected to the final Help page. Unfortunately, this information includes the instance MID and the complete license key protected only with what appears to be a simple substitution cipher. Should someone control the network gateway they would be able to slurp license keys and identiy computer relationships.


Please migrate these links to HTTPS, which works already.


Here's the communication:


What it should be:


Draw user attention to gears, don't make them only access method

Status: New
by Community Expert Advisor explanoit ‎11-02-2013 09:32 PM - edited ‎11-02-2013 09:38 PM

The WSA interface needs to bring much more attention to the functionality of the gear icons. We've had users think you completely eliminated parts of the GUI because it wasn't evident they could be clicked on.


These are my recommendations/thoughts

  • Make the gears glow yellow when you hover over a section with your mouse.
  • Gears should also be slightly lighter so they stand out better. They're too dark right now.
  • Fundamentally, I believe the gear icons should be a shortcut to the advanced functionality without having to expand a section. There should be a button under each section for "Advanced." This is much more in line with standard UX. The gears are too much of a departure from user understanding for you to force people to access functionality through them exclusively.


Status: New
by ny22nole on ‎08-14-2014 10:40 AM

I am new here. Using windows 8. Webroot will not allow me to download freecorder (or a few other similar programs to record MP3 audio).


Anyone have any solutions for this?


Thanks in advance.

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