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I'm new to Webroot Complete and for the most part really like what I am seeing so far which perhaps one exception. The idea of the 25gb backup cloud storage included is a great but the 1gb size restriction is limiting at best. If I'm not mistaken the idea is to help with sharing of file among friends or other devices to make life a bit easier.


Personally I wanted to use this location to save a computer image I created in a safe environment but ran into the size restriction. The only way around that is breaking up the image into much smaller pieces. Anyone who knows backup images will a test that anytime you mess around with a image you greatly risk the restoration of the image so this really is not much of an option.


My image is approx 19gb so it will fit nicely if only I could get it to the cloud. I would suspect others who want to backup Blue Ray movies would encounter the same issue. Even after compression a Blue Ray is gonna be between 4 and 18 gb. And if you break that into pieces you loose so much quality that it ends up being worthless.


So my suggestion is lifting the download limit. I honestly can't imagine the reason for it anyway.

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We use the Endpoint activity feature in the Status tab to deactivate all endpoints that haven’t been seen in 90+ days, however there are a couple issues with this:


1. The longest time period we can select is “Last 90 Days,” but we have several clients that keep some computers (esp. loaner laptops) in closets for periods of 6-12 months. So it would be helpful if you could add “Last 180 Days” and even “Last 365 Days” to this dropdown.


2. The Endpoint activity feature is only available in each Site, not globally. So if we wanted to periodically sweep through and deactivate endpoints that haven’t been seen in 180+ days we would have to do this on a site-by-site basis. With 150+ sites, and an average total load time of 15-20 seconds per site, there would be about 45 total minutes of just waiting for pages to load. It would be great if that feature were available at the GSM level, so we could quickly deactivate all endpoints across all sites that haven’t been seen in 1+ year.

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Tested WSA against a screen-lock ransomware.  When screenlock appeared I allowed system to run for a few hours.


In this particular case, WSA journalling and rollback did not reverse malware actions and screenlock persisted.


Just a suggestion:


Incorporate an anti-screenlock feature into WSA that permits the user to disable the screenlock using a key ccombination, e.g. CTRL + ALT + DLT (2X)... or for increased protection, a user-defined combination of keys.


Best Regards,






I believe that path exclusions are coming to this software shortly, so won't request that.


At the moment, all files detected are quarantined. I work (IT Security) with numerous files that are correctly questionable to AV. Therefore instead of quarantining everything, it would be useful to config the product to just detect and alert, instead of quarantining.



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Real-time protection- Auto-inclusion

Status: New
by Bronze VIP 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago

If you disable real-time protection, after restart the computer real-protection will not turn on automatically.

It reduces safety.

When you launch unknown applications: display a pop-up message

This will increase the security, so the user will be notified in advance


It will be more convenient, the user will know that in system is running suspicious process




At the moment the user doesn't receive notification of monitoring active process





We rescently had to add 100 firewall entries for  p1*,webroot ect to our firewall.


wildcard firewall entrys are not recommend by most vendors due to stress put on the firewall resolving the incoming packets


a better dns architucture and amazon ip services would be better.




google dns for example


our symantec message labs services is something like cluster6.apac,







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Webroot menus font size

Status: New
by New Voice dhintz on ‎02-22-2015 06:57 PM

Include an option for scaling Webroot menu font sizes to be larger, easier to read

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System cleanup update

Status: New
by Frequent Voice on ‎02-11-2015 01:42 PM

I think there should be a update on The cleanup part tools or come up with a system clean up to clear junk files.


What you all think ? 


Status: New
by New Voice LiLxWaYnEx on ‎02-07-2015 01:28 PM

Hi Everybody !


I' think that good idea the future . Let's see:

- Hungary language support for Webroot products

- new function in submit files menu


That's provide more informations  about  malware submission .


- reduce to speed BrightCloud url categorization

- reduce false posotve detection for Webroot Filtering Extension


- new function in context menu -> Change to submit many malware samples .



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Hello. I think it should b standard to add ur imei number to mobile protection console for more confident security

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New Look

Status: New
by Frequent Voice on ‎01-31-2015 04:17 AM




Please can we have a new look and maybe a new colour something that looks smart and fancy ?



Thanks Adam.

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Status: New
by troppmann on ‎01-29-2015 03:53 PM

May we please get an exclusion feater added to the webroot software?


Thank you for your consideration with this.

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Remove Icon From Finder Bar on Mac

Status: New
by tcreagh on ‎01-29-2015 03:39 PM

I've chosen not to use the "Web Threat Shield" extension, which resulted in a "!" on the icon at all times -- I know it's odd, but I find it fairly distracting.


Most other apps have the option to be removed -- Webroot will stay on my computer if it gets this functionality!

Allow to maximize SecureAnywhere Windows

Status: New
by Moi on ‎01-24-2015 01:24 AM



I'm using Webroot SecureAnywhere and I really like it.


However, it would be very nice to allow every program window to maximize. It would make reading the logs (like "Execution History") for example, easier !



Notify User of False Positives

Status: New
by subhrobhandari on ‎01-14-2015 08:38 AM

I have this idea, we know no software is perfect and webroot is no exclusion. Occasionally I encounter false positives which are usually fixed within minutes after reporting. But chances are some of the users will have the fixed FPs in quarantine and wont look there for a long time. What if, when a classification is changed for an FP, an alert is shown for the user, when scanning for the next time, that the previously quarantined files are actually clean, and prompt the user to restore them if needed.

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Add change the language of the program interface

Status: New
by Bronze VIP ‎01-09-2015 02:20 AM - edited ‎01-09-2015 02:29 AM

Add change the language of the program interface :smileyhappy:

I want to use the program in English. But there's a problem .... When you install the program in Administrator account in English everything works well. But the transition to the guest account is reset to the Russian language. Windows - Russian language. 

It gives a many troubles :smileyfrustrated:

Trouble Ticket - sent)

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improve interface

Status: New
by deco20 ‎12-28-2014 08:28 AM - edited ‎12-28-2014 08:29 AM

The WSA  interface has an old-fashioned look. i suggest you to leave the big left side Clean and move all the tasks to the left including "know more" part. you may also give the look a material design and modify that gloomy color



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Hello my Dear .


i think system tune and battery optimizer are good features is add to mobile security .


Specially for Android .


Thank you .

Best Regards ,


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