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Please make the personalized security report prompt per-computer rather than per-user. I run 4+ local accounts per machine.

I also see it on every machine.


Too much security reporting.

After installation, WSA downloads the browser components to C:\ProgramData\WRData\PKG and installs them into IE, Firefox and Chrome.


Please make the following enhancements to thise area to support troubleshooting

-Allow user to trigger uninstall routine.

-Allow user to trigger install routine.

-Allow user to opt-out of password toolbar component installation.

-Log the process of these actions to a log file in WRData for troubleshooting user/better understanding of the process.


I know about ToolbarFix.exe but I consider those features to be accessible within the product, since the product is doing it behind the scenes anyway.


Control inactive processes and journaling

Status: New
by Expert Advisor explanoit ‎03-23-2014 09:41 AM - edited ‎03-23-2014 10:16 AM

A major oversight in the product is the inability to see the currently journaled applications or allow applications that may only run for an instant but nevertheless be monitored and restricted. Or they may never run again, potentially leaving very large journaling files.


Take for example a print driver installer. You launch it and run it but it doesn't fully install. You then launch it, go into Control Active Processes, allow the main installer, and try again. However, you look in the log and it is launching executables under it that never have a chance to show up in the Control Active Processes window. You never get a chance to allow them and your installation is impeded.


Webroot's response to this is to contact support to whitelist the files via the MD5s in submitted logs or to add a file via Block/Allow files. This is not an acceptable solution for power or home users. Power users should be given full status and control of their protection, and navigating temporary directories under appdata is not a reasonable task for home users to perform. In addition, in many cases files are extracted to a random temporary directory and immediately deleted. There may never be a chance for the normal user to ever manually allow them.


Webroot needs to implement a dialog where users can see a full listing of the data that Webroot is storing on their PC via journaling and the applications it has decided to monitor and restrict from performing fully. Your competitors that have their own centralized reputation engines allow this.


As an expert, I can work around these impediments. But I am in IT with experience on the product's philosophy, workings and Windows. This knowledge should not be required to control the fundamental design and operation of a product. And this is the most fundamental design. The journaling. This is a basic, core feature that should already be implemented.


Infection Cleaned alert

Status: New
by zrevans 2 weeks ago

We would like to be able to set an alert when an infected machine has been cleaned. Currently we have 10 technitions that have access to the console but its not always feasible for us to always log in when there is a virus reported and cleaned and we do not need to perform an actions. 


More control of Personalised Security Report

Status: New
by Sr. Expert Advisor ‎03-15-2014 05:23 AM - edited ‎03-19-2014 04:44 PM

Have noticed  in the Fora that there have been a number of users reporting dissatisfaction at the way that the Personalised Security Report is notified and the control that they have over how it interacts with their systems/themselves, etc.


As a result I am starting a feature request to try to capture this centrally as this is really the place for such views to reside if change is to have a chance of being achieved IMHO.


So common issues that users feel that they need rectified are:


1. Seeing the notification message on every login.  


Suggested that that the frequency should be much more limited (maybe only show the message once per month and that the prompt should disappear by itself if not interacted with by the user after so many seconds.  As it is, the prompt only goes away if you click on "Learn More" (which opens the web page with the stats) or the "X" in the upper right (which closes the window).


So extrapolating from this the conclusion to draw here is the provision of user definable parameters for (i) number of prompts to be shown & interval (in secs) before stopping & (ii) time after which prompt/notification will auto disappear if not responded too.


2. Ability to turn off notification


User defined setting that allows the user to decide whether they are interested in even receiving sucha report, and therefore associated notification (not that I can understand why one would not want too...:smileywink:)


3. Control to be provided via My Account/Web Console


And one of my own, given the above:


Provision of the above above suggested settings to be handled as another option in the Web Console, very much in the same way as control of the Advanced Settings can be handled that way.  Believe that as the deployment of the report "is controlled by the backend rather than the agent" to quote JoeJ, it makes sense for any new user settings that may be provided to also effectively reside at the backend rather than the client.


Well, I hope that provides a suitable starter for further comments by those who want to make them so that we can see if the feature (which I personally like) can be enhanced.


So please post & comment away, folks...:smileyvery-happy:


EDIT: To add point 4. (from David's comments below)


Provision of the ability to be able to view the latest/last Report published "On Demand".  Suggestion is the addition of a permanent tool or option, to access this, under the Utilities, Reports tab.  Thanks, David...a very good one!






Continuing the theme wallpaper)




Perhaps this may be one for the Enterprise Area, but with the present focus-on, and probable increasing future concerns about vulnerabilities and potential threats to these devices, I'm wondering if there could be any plans for development in this area?

I've noticed competitors have started to introduce these technologies, and I understand that it is something which is, or should be, primarily a concern for the manufacturers....but does Webroot have any plans?

I believe it should.




WSA does not support moving from an expired WSA-Enterprise license to a WSA-A/WSA-IS. It will accept it but there are various issues and things that break or never get fixed up or added and the user will be oblivious to them. You need to completely remove WSA-E then install WSA-IS.


Please consider adding logic to warn users that this is not a supported function.


Opened a support case if Webroot staff need to see some of the consequences of customers in this situation.


Future Linux support?

Status: New
by Frequent Voice ‎02-09-2014 08:18 PM - edited ‎02-11-2014 02:58 PM

I plan to get one in the future so I would love it if (and so would others probably) if you could add av support for linux ubuntu.

Ubuntu is the most common out there and the easiest. (so I would expect a lot of people to get that one if any of them.) I am sure you could do a great job if you know enough about them. (which I am fairly certain wouldn't be hard for your team)


Thanks in advance :smileywink:


actually on second all of them, I may use gentoo though.


edit edit:  not that it matters but maybe mint. (I hear that even linux can get viruses hence why i would like webroot to support it.  if possible.)


Feel free to chime in if you think this is unnessescary or needed or for whatever reason you may have. (as long as its not harsh)

Just wondering if it would be a useful option to provide the user who overrides a Web Treat Shield Notification, i.e., clicks 'Unblock page & continue', to have theoption to file a URL Reputation Change Request at that point by providing at least a link to the relevant web page at BrightCloud?


It could be made smarter/slicker if on taking the 'Unblock page & continue' the user was automatically presented with the option on a chose or leave basis before proceeding to the requested web page.


We get a lot of requests for advice on how to deal with what the user believes is an improper blcok and such fucntinality would allow them to place the request quickly/easily.


Again, just a thought re. the improved usability of the product.







Restore default tray icon

Status: New
by Community Guide The_Seeker on ‎01-25-2014 12:14 PM

I propose that a setting be added allowing the user to restore his/her default tray icon from the altered one triggered by an imminent subscription expiration.

i suggestion redesign form for webroot blocked navigation " when webroot block url " .


now user can not easy send request for re clasification urls .


i suggestion add new option for send submit to webroot labs for re clasification .


regards ,

Powered by dragging the file CHROME_1.0.0.26.crx & lpchrome.crx
Checked with Comodo Dragon and Yandex.Browser





If it works in browsers based on Chromium, then you need to make an auto-install plug-in


upgrade installation

Status: New
by milehigh on ‎03-03-2014 06:56 PM

My reason for posting this is to suggest that you add something to the hard copy installation instructions and your CD/download installs that tells your users that they need to remove their old version before they can install and register their new version. My experience today in installing the new version was rather frustrating to say the least. I'm getting older
and it didn't register right away that I went thru this last year. I had to go online to confirm what I needed to do. More time and effort.  Trying to install a newer version without removing the old one first is very confusing.

How about putting something in the installation script with an option to remove it now? "FYI. YOU'VE GOT AN EXISTING COPY. YOU MUST REMOVE IT BEFORE YOU CAN INSTALL THE NEW VERSION. DO YOU WANT TO REMOVE IT NOW?

I worked support many years ago and tested new software and wrote/edited installation proceedures.  We did everything we could to make it a "no brainer" to avoid support calls. It's got to be really frustrating for some people and this must
surely generate a lot of support calls and internet inquiries.


Better User Notification of updates/changes, etc.

Status: New
by Sr. Expert Advisor on ‎10-26-2013 09:13 AM

Just thinking, especially in the wake of all the enquiries, etc., about the rollout of the new Web Threat Shield functionality, whether it would not be useful to indicate in the main GUI when an update has taken place.  I appreciate that one can see this by howevering over the sys tray icon but this can be missed.


I was thinking along the lines of a simple indicator advising of an update (with possibly a small amount of text information, i.e., 'Updated to v8.0.4. 27' or 'Web Threat Shield upgraded')  either just under 'Scan My Computer' in the main GUI, or if that is too distracting then changing the colour of the text 'My Account', to yellow or the like, to prompt the user to look at the details.  The indicator would only remain visible until after the first access of the main GUI, after the update activity.


And if wanting to go the whole hog here then a link to the appropriate web page holding the change log info cmight also be provided...all in the interests of keeping users updated.


Just a thought for the Communities consideration. :smileywink:



I am thinking that it could be quite useful to have the option to access directly the Advanced Settings, from the Notification icon context menu, in the same way that one can run a Scan, Save a Scan Log, etc.


And if pushing that a bit further one could also have the option to switch the modules on/off without having to go into the app's main panel, i.e., have a Modules entry on the context menu which when highlighted offers a list of modules, their current status and the option to toggle that status.


Now I am not sure whether the need for CAPTCHA confirmation would make that approach technically difficult, and I am sure that some users may well say why would you want to toggle particular modules on/off quickly...and that is a valid point.


But thought it would be sensible to start a discussion on the topic and seek comments, etc.


So, please comment away to your heart's content.  




System Optimizer Space Cleaned Suggestion

Status: New
by Community Guide MaXimus on ‎02-01-2014 01:55 PM

While cleaning, it displays the size of the files cleaned in bytes, very confusing...


Can we please have them make it in MB ? much easier to comprehend IMHO


Also, if a detailed results at the end of the scan is shown it would be great, like how CCleaner shows you a summary of what it cleaned and how much space from each category was cleaned




Increase file submission size limit on website (not submission program)

Status: New
by Expert Advisor explanoit ‎11-24-2013 11:54 AM - edited ‎11-24-2013 12:03 PM

Please increase the size limit of file submissions from 10MB to 30MB on http://snup.webrootcloudav.com/SkyStoreFileUploader/upload.aspx


I recently tried to upload a process that shouldn't be monitored via but it was too large. This increase is also needed for submitting PUA packages, which can often be bigger than 10MB.


I know your answer is to submit a ticket with WSAlogs but this is my preferred approach on casual submissions.


Making '?' '-' and 'x' more pronounced

Status: New
by Expert Advisor ams963 ‎10-04-2013 03:07 AM - edited ‎10-09-2013 07:53 AM



It'd be great if the '?' '-' and 'x' marks in WSA 2014 version are made more pronounced. I can barely see them.



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