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Anti-Theft function for PC

Status: Under Consideration
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor on ‎12-28-2012 05:28 AM

I would like to see Anti-Theft feature in WSA for PC.


It should work more less in the same way like for Android. It means you should be able to localize your stolen or lost PC, send commands to lock it etc. You could even implement tracking of PC using inbuilt web-cam.


Let's utilize MyWebroot in its full potential and further enhance WSA for PC!

Status: Under Consideration
While keeping in mind the information I mentioned earlier about having an IP Address available in the online console, which serves as a method for tracking a stolen computer, the request is clearly for a more robust feature than that. After talking this through, there are a number of factors that need to be investigated in order to determine if this is a feature that Webroot should develop. This idea will be Under Consideration while we continue analyzing those factors. Kudos always help too! This was a productive discussion Pegas, and we'll keep digging deeper into this potential feature. Thanks!

Add Czech language localization

Status: Under Consideration
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor on ‎07-12-2012 02:17 AM

I am having some issues with WSA ... malfunctioning Web Shield, Identity Shield, no padlock at all etc.


Webroot tech gurus have concluded that all my problems stem from the fact that my OS language is not supported by WSA.


So I have no other chance than to require inclusion of Czech language into WSA.


I may understand that our market is not as big and thus good as others but I have very strong argument which stands by me ... All other major players in the field of PC security have their products fully localized in Czech language. Just to name a few ... Norton, ESET, Avira, Avast, Kaspersky etc. etc.


Thanks & regards,


Status: Under Consideration
We are working hard on creating localized versions of WSA right now in many languages. A date for a Czech product has not yet been released, but we'll update this Idea with a status of "In Process" when we are working on it.

I'd like to propose the option to either let me log in once in to my password manager, or have it as a per windows session, and not browser session log in.


It's annoying to have to keep logging in to my password vault in Firefox every time I close and re-open the browser. If the option is already in Webroot, please tell me where it is, I can't find it and I was surprised something like this wasn't already in it.


No one else uses this PC but myself.


Status: Under Consideration
We've set this to Under Consideration so we can investigate standardizing the behavior across browsers. While we may not be able to implement a full auto-sign-in, for the reasons specified before, we do want to maintain a consistent experience across different browsers.

Distinction of Techie and Non-techie posts in Recent Posts

Status: Under Consideration
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor ‎05-21-2013 02:49 AM - edited ‎05-21-2013 02:50 AM

I would like to see a distinct differentiation of Techie and Non-techie posts on the main web page of the community. There is a section Recent Posts where are stuffed all posts regardless on their nature. So can you kindly split section Recent Posts on Techie and Non-techie sub-sections? The reason is that we have a huge increase of non-techie posts/threads lately between which important techie posts/threads or those requiring a help are literally becoming lost and they can be easily overlooked as such.

@ attention of moderators
You're correct thinking that this idea relates to your deleted post in one non-techie thread which was closed for a while and was reopened again later. I fully agree with the content of your message, hence I decided to post this idea. Hope you understand.

Status: Under Consideration
We just needed to reword the comment so we can create a new guideline. :smileyhappy: That will be on the way later on today. I like the idea of separating them out from Recent Posts, but we may be looking at a platform limitation. I'll take a look and see if it can be done without recoding the whole thing.

This is an expanded discussion of a previous thread.  See, Backing Up PDF Files.


Webroot lists certain files it invites you to check off in order to back them up, including  doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, png, mpeg, avi and mp4 files. I am assuming if you check off those files, they will in fact be backed up.  Files that are not listed can be added through WSA’s customization feature, which allows you to manually add specific files.  However, this assumes we, the users, are aware of all the files we have on our computers.  If we are not, then those files will not be backed up, regardless of their importance.  Cases in point are pdf, tiff, gif, ppt, pptx, and possibly others.


Recent discussion has focused on modifying WSA’s backup features to include the opportunity to check off additional files rather than having the user resort to a manual entry through the customization feature.  This suggestion has garnered some support by various members of this community.


However, another alternative ought to be considered, and that involves the elimination of the check off feature as well as the elimination of the customization feature and simply expanding WSA’s back up to automatically include all known files.  Of course, it is possible that new file types will be born every day, but as they are discovered, they can be added by WSA.


I am leaning towards this latter alternative. It simplifies the process while affording the user the maximum possible back up coverage without having to resort to manual insertion through the customization feature.


I would invite views on these two alternatives.


Either way, something should be done expeditiously because the current system is flawed and needs to be fixed.

Status: Under Consideration
We're looking at making a number of improvements to Backup & Sync. One of those improvements is enhancing the way in which file types to be backed up are selected. Certain pieces of these improvements are already in process.

Open a support ticket - a direct link

Status: Under Consideration
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor ‎04-25-2013 02:58 AM - edited ‎04-25-2013 03:44 AM

Foremost I have to say that my idea has born thanks to DavidP who put in to his signature a direct link to open a ticket.


So, credit goes to David:smileywink: :smileyhappy:


I have noticed that a link to open a support case is available only on the main page of Community on the right side under "Looking For Support?". Unfortunately in other levels/sub-sections of forums there is no a direct link.


I think it would be handy if a direct link would be always available regardless on level/sub-section of Community you are in. We would need to place this link to a part of page that is always displayed. For instance the bottom part of page could be used. See below.




or in the drop down menu "Support" on top of the page or elsewhere it suits the best.

Status: Under Consideration
There are going to be some upcoming changes to the main site that will necessitate some work in the header and footer of the Community. It's possible that the requested link might actually exist in the forthcoming changes. If not, we can see about getting it added. Thanks for the suggestion! For the time being, the community team will always try to include a link for opening a support case any time we refer to the support system.

Android Washer?

Status: Under Consideration
by EJVW4 on ‎03-12-2012 02:11 PM

I'd like to have a way to use the WSA Android app tp clean my Droid 2 Global (running Android 2.3) the same way that I can have WSA clean my Dell desktop's Windows Vista and laptop's Windows 7.  I'm not looking to wipe my phone; I know how to make WSA do that.  I just want to clean up the junk files that end up cluttering my phone as I surf the web, text message, make calls, etc.

Updates Alert

Status: Under Consideration
by Frequent Voice on ‎01-08-2013 05:17 PM

I've noticed that at-least two new features have been added to the software since I purchased it. However, I had no idea the features had been implemented because no notification or message was provided. To keep users engaged and aware of new features, add an alerts box that automatically launches on the "You are protected!" main screen, which the describes the newly added feature(s).

This will increase retention because users will see the benefits of the software rather than thinking "I guess I'm just paying for regular updates, unlike Symantec who is always adding features to their software."

What are some thoughts?




Robert Salazar

Status: Under Consideration
For anyone curious about a method that already exists to be notified of features in a new release, please see my prior response. However, it's evident this request is for visibility into these changes in the program itself, so we're going to move this out of a "Feature Already Exists" status and into "Under Consideration." Rob makes some points that are well taken.

I would love to see the ability to truly schedule the recurring scans that Webroot Secure Anywhere mobile calls "scheduled" scans. Currently, users cannot set an actual/specific time for the scans to be run, only adjust the frequency.

A user defined time to run the scans is something that many other scan tools incorporate. In addition to giving the user a bit more control, it may also help to alleviate many of the "out of memory" errors I've seen in the threads by allowing the user to tell Webroot to run the scans at a time when the device is least likely to already be using a great portion of the processor.

To avoid the possibility that the scan would fail to run because the device is in standby mode, etc, it would probably be helpful to add a permission allowing Webroot to wake the device to update itself & run the scans.

One other thing that may help the Out of Memory errors, would be if before running a full scan, Webroot could check memory/processor availability. If percentage X isn't available, the scan is postponed 30 minutes, an hour, etc at which time the test is run again to see if the processor has been freed up. Should Webroot be unable to find a time when significant resources are available, the user could be notified. We would then be aware of the problem & be able to shut things down & run it manually. Additionally, this might help users become more aware of what programs are contributing to the lag they are experiencing.

Sorry to have written so much. Lol. The true center of this suggestion is:
Please find a way to let users tell Webroot a SPECIFIC time to run scans.


**edit is for subject name


Status: Under Consideration
We reviewed this idea internally and we agree that it's a good idea! We have put in a request with our mobile team for their input and review.

To the Webroot Software Engineer Team,


I would like to suggest that an option be added to the Advanced Options in order to use the System Optimizer on all or multiple user accounts on a home computer or business network.  Currently I am only able to clean my own personal user account and being the system administrator of my family pc I would like to have the option and ability to clean all other user account which are password protected on the pc without having to ask my  9 and 12 year old and my wife to log in to their accounts and bring up the Webroot program and go to System Optimizer to clean up their own data.  I also have another software in which it allows me to go to options and select various users to be able to clean which are:  Current user only,  All users and Selected users.  This option allows me to clean and optimize the whole family PC in one click of the button without having to go to each individual user.  Before I had the Pro version the software I had just the free version which only allowed me to clean whichever user I was logged into.  But that is not practical when each user account is password protected.  But when I found out the the Pro version gave me the ability to clean all or multiple users at once I purchased it.  I think adding this feature or option to the Webroot SecureAnywhere software under Advanced Setting it will give the system administrators more manageability over thier systems whether it is a family pc or business network.  I hope this suggestion and idea will help with the overall Webroot SecureAnywhere usability.  I look forward to hearing back from the Webroot Software Engineer Team after looking into the feasibility of this capability added to the software.  I really like the new Webroot interface and think this would be a great addition.



Status: Under Consideration
Thanks for the idea Anon, we will review this internally and see if this is something we can add. Thanks!

It would be nice to post a "Closed Sticky" on the forum that only the Moderators can change when updated on the following:

1. Current Release Version Number

2. Current Beta Version Number.

Bugs system improvement

Status: Under Consideration
by Sr. Community Expert Advisor on ‎10-10-2012 04:52 AM

Hi all,


I am a closed beta tester since Webroot acquired Prevx. In fact Webroot inherited me :smileyvery-happy:


During such a long period I have been reporting dozens of bugs via Wilders forum before the Webroot community started. Since then I have been writing here or directly to the support. So I may dare to label myself as an experienced bug reporter :smileyembarrassed:


Therefore I have to admit that I really miss any tracing system for the reported bugs. The current system (via support) is quite confusing because all reports and replies by the support staff are stuffed in one never ending post what is indeed user-uncomfortable.


In this respect Opera keeps primacy. They have very sophisticated system for reporting and tracing bugs. If you report a bug you will receive an unique ID belonging to your report so it is very easy to trace that bug later on forums, in changelogs or in the closed bug tracing system.


Therefore I would welcome to have similar system in Webroot support. We need to make reporting of bugs more convenient and transparent.


I am not complaining just trying to make a good offer :smileywink:


Thanks & regards,


Status: Under Consideration
We are looking at breaking out different issues into different support threads instead of lumping them into one conversation. This idea has created some internal discussion, and we'll review it more with support and development teams.

Add option to reject a call

Status: Under Consideration
by Sr. Community Leader on ‎02-14-2013 04:46 PM

The security product does a great job of blocking calls, but they go straight to voicemail.


Can the option be added to reject the call? In this case, the call would be dropped or receive a busy signal and not go to voicemail.

Status: Under Consideration
This should be doable. We're looking into it, and we'll update again when have an update.

I used this feature from the web portal all the time.  It's more secure and reduces file redundancy.  Is it still available in the new portal?

Status: Under Consideration
This feature is something we want to bring back too, and we're looking into how to best go about that. As long as we don't run into any major roadblocks, this idea will most likely ultimately be moved to In Process.

System Insight Feature

Status: Under Consideration
by Frequent Voice on ‎11-24-2012 11:34 PM

I use NIS 2013 and Webroot. I liked them both. One thing I wish Webroot had that Norton does is "system insight" (shows when programs were installed, when viruses where found, when scans were done, and performance issues such as high memory usage/high cpu usage). 


Anyhow, this comes in handy for me when I need to find out:


1. When a virus was installed via a program (to find the culprit person).


2. When and what program was installed to troubleshoot Windows issues.


3. Verify and check if scheduled scans are taken place correctly. 


4. Look and see what programs were used the most, usage of memory/cpu of each program, and whether the PC turns off or goes into standby.


Keep in mind (for those who don't use Norton), that this is all done in a clean calendar format.


I love Webroot, but wish there was some type of expanded log. 





Status: Under Consideration
The "calendar format" or general improvement to the user experience part of this idea is quite interesting, so we'll place the idea into Under Consideration for now. As far as the content goes, we have most of it already. Quarantine will tell you information about when a threat was quarantined (PC Security -> Quarantine -> View Quarantine). Windows troubleshooting programs are not logged solely for the sake of being logged as such, but they are monitored if they are not known to be good programs (System Tools -> System Control -> Control Active Processes). Scan logs can be used to check to see if scheduled scans were run on time or not (System Tools -> Reports -> Scan Log). You can get some of what you're looking for in item 4 (and a lot of stuff not mentioned in the question) in the System Analyzer report as well (System Tools -> System Analyzer -> when it finishes, View Advanced Detail -> View Full Report). With these logs and reports in mind, do you still feel a calendar format would be useful?

Hungarian localization

Status: Under Consideration
by lostprophet on ‎11-09-2012 06:59 AM

As of now, Webroot products are localized to 13 languages. I (and hopefully others) would like change that, by adding Hungarian to the mix. If this gets the green light, I would translate Webroot products into Hungarian as I've done a couple of localizations in the past.

Status: Under Consideration
We are keeping a close eye on the kudos received for localized version requests to better gauge a sense of which languages to prioritize first. Users who would benefit from a Hungarian release should definitely kudo this idea. Thanks for being the first user to suggest it as an idea!

When I submit a file through webroot program, I get no feedback. At all.


I would like  to see a page listing all the files I have submitted, and the results, including the malware designation if such was given.


Really need this.

Status: Under Consideration
At the moment, you'd want to go through support, as Tony suggested, if you would like to receive a response. This topic has seen significant discussion lately, and what are likely going to do moving forward is create a web portal for file submissions. At which point, we would either modify the submission feature in the program to direct to the portal or remove it entirely in favor of the portal. I suspect the email address provided by Tony will ultimately probably start auto-replying with a link to the portal, once we have that ready. We really like your idea about having unique stats pages. We'll keep it in mind going forward.

The Webroot interface is difficult for people who rely on screen readers to use. The biggest problem is a lack of keyboard control. For example, someone with a vision impairment can't independently install the product, because you need to click in the field where the license key needs to be entered (you can't tab to it). While screen readers do provide some limited review capabilities by simulating mouse movement and clicks, this is a difficult way to access an interface, particularly when you're trying to learn it, and the product could benefit greatly both from making the interface able to be controlled using the keyboard, as well as using Active Accessibility or UIA, to provide information to screen readers about major elements, e.g, what's turned on or off in status, information about scan results, etc. I could provide more information to developers if anyone is interested.

Status: Under Consideration
We plan user interface changes that will be included in our 2014 release due this fall. At this point there are no specific changes planned to address accessibility issues, but we will look to see what can be included that might help.

Blocked Callers List

Status: Under Consideration
by Silver VIP on ‎03-13-2013 05:03 PM

An idea was presented over in the Android forum, and I liked it enough that I am going to open the idea here.



The ability to way enter wildcards for blocked numbers. For example your getting calls from a place that has several numbers in a block like 111-222-3300 through 111-222-3320. Instead of having enter every number (21 numbers) is there a wild card that could be used (111-222-33XX) that would allow to block then all?  (This would apply to ONLY the last 1 or 2 digits of the phone number(s) to be blocked, otherwise it will block too many.)


Remember, in the event that you have blocked 111-222-33xx to blocked the numbers above, if you get a call from 111-222-3344 it will be blocked, but at the same time that caller does, I believe, have the ability to leave a voicemail.  If you find you have blocked numbers that you do not wish to, you could go back to manually blocking each individual.




Allow the Call Blocking to use a 10 digit phone number (Area Code + Phone Number) instead of requiring a full 11digit (1 + Area Code + Phone Number).  Many times when I had tried to turn on a Call Block using a saved contact to provide the number, it would fail and return an error that the phone number is not valid.  Incoming calls do not contain the 1 on my phone, so when saved to a contact, or if I use the call log to select the number to block, it require's editing of the number before the Call Blocker will accept it.

Status: Under Consideration
I spoke with our Mobile team and there are no technical limitations to implementing your first suggestion. So it will be submitted for consideration. I was advised that there are other features and enhancements that have already been accepted, so I cannot provide any ETA for this one, however. The second issue you mention was a problem in earlier builds of the Android app, but it should be resolved in the current build I tested this myself to confirm and the 1 is automatically added for you if you enter a number that is only nine digits. If you are on the current build and experiencing this issue, please let us know.

I know this has been discussed before, but I thought I’d toss it out in the Ideas Exchange Forum.


I did a comparison of WSA’s and Norton’s system cleaner features and here’s what I discovered:


Norton offers “PC Tuneup” and Webroot offers “Cleanup Now.”  Both features can be automatically scheduled.


Norton’s “PC Tuneup” cleans up Windows temporary files, Internet Explorer temporary files, Internet Explorer history cleanup, startup manager, registry cleanup and disk optimization (a/k/a disk fragmenter).


WSA's “Cleanup Now” cleans up Windows Desktop (recycle bin, recent document history, start menu click history, run history, search history and start menu order history), Windows System (clipboard contents, windows temporary folder, system temporary folder, windows update temporary folder, windows registry streams, default login user history, memory dump files, cd burning storage folder and flash cookies), Internet Explorer (address bar history, cookies, temporary internet files, url history, setup log, Microsoft download folder, media player bar history, autocomplete form information and cleanup index.dat), and specific applications (Mozilla, Adobe, Sun Java and Microsoft).


WSA does not incorporate defrag into its repertoire.  Norton does.


I have heard, and respect, arguments that say that Windows already has an effective defrag option (Disk Defragmenter), and the addition of a defrag feature to WSA would constitute bloatware, but is this dispositive?  WSA presently incorporates a feature that cleans up your recycle bin, a feature that Windows already has (Disk Cleanup).  Moreover, when you consider all of the things that System Cleaner feature presently cleans up, is it really going too far to incorporate a defrag feature as well?  The WSA System Analyzer already analyzes defragmentation issues, so is it too much of a stretch to incorporate defrag into Clean Up Now?


Any thoughts?

Status: Under Consideration
We are looking into incorporating functionality like this via the System Analyzer (SA) feature in our Complete version. Right now SA simply diagnoses issues on the system and we would like to add remediation functionality so some identified issues can be fixed. Most likely we would invoke the Windows defrag to accomplish this task for us.
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