A letter to my daughter: your privacy in the age of the internet

  • 14 April 2014
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Millennials are growing up with very different ideas about privacy and information security than those of us who actually built the digital world we now live in.

It's a different world for our kids these days. Most of us grew up in a time when internet security wasn't even a topic for discussion. But for our kids, privacy and information security are important considerations. With that in mind, I wrote a letter to my daughter.

To my daughter

Hi, it's Dad! Writing you this note reminds me of similar notes I wrote to your big sister, more than a decade ago. Back then, I scribbled with a pen on a pad next to the coffeemaker, where I knew she'd see it.

But today I'm writing to you on an iPad. I'm at your big brother's house, and this note will travel through his in-house Wi-Fi, over his cable service to his ISP - and finally to your iPhone, there at school. Ten years ago, the note I wrote your sister was just between me and her, or possibly another member of our family, in our house. But this note? Heaven only knows who might be able to read it, if they wanted to.
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