Advanced Twitter phishing scams

  • 30 January 2013
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I recently stumbled on this article on ZDnet and thought it would be worth sharing.  As a big Twitter user myself, with 5 different accounts for various objectives, I often receive these messages in my inbox or as a tagged message.  I will admit I have fallen for it once as a message came from a friend of mine, but was able to recover through resetting my passwords, ensuring all my connected accounts were removes, and many apologies to friends and followers.  But sometimes a little reminder is necessary for us all as these types of attempted attacks become more advanced, and often more personal.
As most ZDNet readers know, phishing scammers find ways to forge emails from legitimate sites, hoping to get your personal details such as name, social security number, password, and so on. These forged emails often appear to come from financial institutions, so the scammer can access your bank account. 
Read the full blurb:
So my question fo everyone; Have you ever fallen vicitm to a phishing link through social media?  If so, how did you fix it and how do you protect yourself now?

5 replies

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So far I have been very lucky, and very carefull.  I know a lot of people who have fallen victim to this kind of scheme.  My advice to help avoid is pretty simple, and oft repeated: Do Not Click without verifying the link target.  Take a close look at that URL, make sure it is the URL of  your bank.  If you are not sure, check with the institution as to what URL's they use.  Be very carefull and make sure the domain matches EXACTLY to what it should be.  If anything is at all different than what it should be, or any doubt remains, do not click.
Never respond by email to a request for personal information of any kind without verifying.  Call the institution before replying: if they cannot verify that the email is legitimate, it probably isn't. 
Pretty basic really, but so many of the phishing scams ARE basic.
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@ wrote:
So my question fo everyone; Have you ever fallen vicitm to a phishing link through social media? 
Hello Richard, because you ask everyone my reply is no :D because I don't have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and whatever else all social sites may be. Don't beat me please 😳
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No Face, Goo or Tweet accounts here either. :D
I don't plan on getting any in the future.
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Laugh if you will 😃 but I am a daily Facebook user.  I have been for over 2 years.. and have never once fallen victim to any of the various phishing scams and links that constantly pollute the newsfeed.  But like I posted earlier... I am very very carefull about what I click on.
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@DavidP wrote:
I am very very carefull about what I click on.
You hit the nail on the head ;) If people will be more careful and think twice before they click on, the world will be much safer. Sometimes common sense is what is missing. No offence to anyone :D