After Logging In I am Automatically Logged Off

  • 9 May 2020
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I am trying to log into my account to add WebRoot to a new PC.  I login and then am redirected to a couple of pages [very fast - can’t make them out] until I get to a page that says I have been logged out.  At this point it redirects to the login page again.  Surprise!  Absolutely no weekend phone support…  So i try the other option BUT guess what?  I try and create a ticket OR contact Tech Support [presumably an email] and I am automatically redirected to a login page.  [Guess that is a good way to keep the support calls to a minimum!]

Any idea on how I can get a hold of someone that can help me??


[Tried this on three different browsers - IE, Chrome and Brave.]

2 replies

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Hey @Bansheeboy ,

Do you have your subscription key handy? If so, please follow these instructions to install webroot on a new device:
1) Download Webroot from here:

1a) If you click the checkbox  that says “I need Webroot to email me my product keycode & complete installation instructions.” you will get a new copy of your keycode emailed to you

  1. install Webroot
  2. Open webroot and go to “My account”
  3. Place your key code in the text field

Let me know if that helps! 


I ran into this issue of automatically logging me out; it was resolved by verifying my account via email.