An in-depth look at Marcus Hutchins


This extended feature article from Wired traces the story, from early childhood to today, of the person who as a young man was deeply involved in the creation of the very nasty Kronos banking malware programme—and then, changing from blackhat to whitehat, went on to save the world from what is perhaps the worst cyberattack yet seen: the infamous Wannacry ransomware.

Based on more than 12 hours of interviews, it provides a fascinating insight into a complex yet very interesting personality. It will take a couple of hours out of your time. But it is well worth the read.

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Wow Thank you @Muddy7 .

Incredible and fascinating story. I have never read so much at one time. LOL I couldn’t wait to read the ending. It is an ending worth noting to me that the Judge saw both sides of the story of Marcus Hutchins. The good outweighed the bad….and it was certainly  worth reading! :blush:

Yes, that was interesting, particularly given the suspense that he was known for being an unpredictable judge.