Android in February 2013: Gingerbread is declining only slowly

  • 6 February 2013
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Retreat from version 2.3 devices running Android is only gradual. Over the last month, the share distribution of Gingerbread dropped by only two percent, more than 45% Android devices still use this version. It has been published on the Android developer site.
The largest increase of more than 3% recorded version of Jelly Bean. Many manufacturers currently provides upgrade from older versions usually on Android 4.1. Some new devices begin to sell directly with Jelly Bean. The luxury of the latest version 4.2 can indulge only owners of Nexus devices being manufactured directly under the umbrella of Google.
More to read on Android Dashboards here.

4 replies

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No kidding? There is research to show that an outdated operating system has declining usage?
What are they going to report on next, that Windows 8 is increasing in market chare compared to Win 98?
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No, this information is especially aimed to developers as being posted on Google Dashboard to give them a signal that Gingerbread is still widely spread across Android devices and newer Android versions are yet to prevail. So you missed the point s bit 😉
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Oh, I see what you are saying. I would think that as users start to switch over to newer phone that Gingerbread will start to rapidly decline.

So, if the average user has a 2 year contract, and Gingerbread is no longer being used on most newer devices, I would say that it has no more than 2 years of widespread use.
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In my case it is a wake up call to upgrade as soon as I can... looks like almost no one would want to include support/functionality for a 2.1 phone with such a low % using it!