Anybody tried Googling "Zerg Rush" lately?

  • 27 April 2012
  • 3 replies

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Starcraft players will find Google's new easter egg quite amusing.  Zerg Rush is also a term used in rooting an Android.  I actually used Zerg Rush myself when rooting my Samsung Conquer.  I love Google's easter eggs.  I only know of a few others though.  Has anybody seen any other ones?

3 replies

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That is a nice addition to their easter eggs!
There are of course the old favourites like: tilt, 'do a barrel roll' and anagram.
The one for Anagram I've always found particularly amusing.
Do you know of any more?
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Haha!  I hadn't seen the barrel roll and anagram ones before.
"Askew" works just like "tilt."
Did you see the 8-bit Google Maps they had for April Fools day this year?
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Yeah I saw that, it was pretty good.

Especially their video where they had it on a NES cart. 'If it doesn't work quite right just blow on the cartridge...'
Ahh... that takes me back...


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