Apple Better Get It Together

  • 23 November 2018
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Why is Apple still selling 32 bit Game Apps in their App Store and they say it's supported? If you look at the games in the App Store Apple states: Compatibility: OS X 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard) or later. When upgrading to macOS Mojave these games are no longer supported because the upgrade only supports 64 bit. I have been on the forum of some of these games that I bought asking if they are going to upgrade their games to 64 bit. ALL questions are unanswered. I believe Apple needs to get it together and pull the games that are not 64 bit or warn people that these games will not be supported on a Mac running Mojave. Buyer Beware before purchasing a game in Apples App Store: Make sure it's a 64 bit game. Here are some of my games that I bought that are not supported :@


1 reply

Here's one of many games that don't work with Mojave. After the warning the game starts and I only get a half a screen of the game. The other half is blacked out.