Apple Magic Trackpad 1 vs 2 (performance comparison)

  • 23 November 2021
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Disclaimer: I’ve performed the tests only on MacBook Pro 15" 2015 with macOS 10.15.4. I turned off all excess bluetooth devices during the tests. The trackpads were half charged. The trackpad settings were default except for silent and light clicking. I’ve checked that the external monitor gives zero delay compared to the built-in display. Please share your results if you have a different equipment. The results may differ on other hardware and software.


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1 reply

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I’ve been using the Trackpad 2 with Safari Browser on my iMac for the last few weeks. WoW all the gestures you can do with it. Takes a little getting use too, I was all thumbs at first and making a few mistakes. I was using the Logitech MX Master2S mouse but from what I’m reading the new Mac OS’s are having problems with Logitech thanks to Apple.