Automation - What's the deal with Check-In for new agents?

  • 14 February 2020
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So I am responsible for deploying Webroot for all of our client machines, and have been using Webroot for a while now; and I noticed that the behaviour of each system that receives the installation package has an inconsistent result.


This happens quite a bit; example: we deploy it to 40 machines, maybe 18-28 give or take actually manage to check-in while the others have it installed, but don’t check in for whatever reason. I understand a previous vendor also using Webroot can be a factor in some cases, but not always.


Anyways, any way to guarantee a successful install+check-in? I’ve tried the -poll flag against wrsa.exe, but that does not appear to really do anything. Am I missing something here? Just trying to automate my processes involving webroot. Any new command-line flags being mentioned would be greatly appreciated as well. Cheers

1 reply

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Hey @AhhnoldsChoppa ,

Welcome to the community forum!

I checked with support and they said this: 

“We need to understand why this may be happening. Is it duplicates? Is it firewall?”

Best option would be to open a case with Business Support. They’ll be able to provide the best direction from there.

Hope that helps!