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I was told on 4/27/2020  that the issue with my father’s computer would require the “escalation team” to fix the issue. My father WAS NOT to use his computer until we received a call back in a day or two. On 5/1 I called again, an appointment was set for that afternoon @ 1500.  No call!  Made another appointment for 5/3 for Escalation Team to call, AGAIN NO CALL!!!  Went online and made an appointment for today 5/5 @ 1600 AGAIN NO CALL!!!!  Do you even HAVE an escalation team?!



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This is just not right, I will ping our Community Specialist @khumphrey who should be able to get it sorted for you.

Dear Jasper_The_Rasper

Thank You for reaching out.
After calling Tech Support once again, Michael was finally able to get me through to someone from the Escalation Team.   After many, many hours of diligent, painstaking work Josh got my computer up and running.  

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Hi @Grampachuck 

Welcome to the Community!

Sorry for the inconvenience of it all. Thank you for letting us know that your computer is up and running once again 

Have a great day! 

Stay safe!😊

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@Grampachuck ,

I’m sorry you had so much trouble getting in touch with the escalation team. Please private message me in the future if you ever experience any difficulty like this and I’ll do whatever I can to help.