BusyBox crams 117 Unix tools into a tiny Windows executable

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By Mike Williams/ Posted on June 26 2014



Unix is renowned for its powerful command line tools, and there are many ways you can try at least some of them on the PC. Installing Gnu on Windows gets you 100+ of the best known tools, recompiled to run under Windows, while favorites like grep have been ported individually.

But if you’re looking for simplicity and convenience, it’s hard to beat BusyBox, which crams tiny versions of 117 Unix utilities into a single 645 KB executable. There’s no bulk, no complex folder structure, just one package which provides everything you need.

 You don’t need any Unix/ Linux knowledge to get at least something from the program, as many of its commands are very simple. Cal displays a text calendar (month or year); df and du summarize hard drive use; head displays the first 10 lines of a text file; sleep pauses your script for a defined time; unzip extracts files from archives, and so on.


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