BYOD...good waste of time?

  • 6 July 2012
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Found this article and was wondering what your thoughts or practices are...we use a bit of both and the support issues are very relevant...

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JHarris - great article! We always love a good ZDnet post, but this one is particularly interesting.
BYOD is a concept that comes up all the time around here - especially with regards to endpoint protection for companies. So you can imagine that item #5 on that list caught my eye.
The concept of BYOD in the workplace is getting more common - as is the use of smartphones, the use of tablets and unfortunately the rise of mobile malware. My main takeaway from this is that BYOD is happening - so smart IT companies should make sure they are treating the smartphones/tablets of employees like another endpoint. Secure it!
(And we may just have a solution for that coming very soon. 😉 )