Cannot do right click scanning of files

  • 2 January 2021
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Hi All

I’m not sure  what’s wrong with Webroot,   before last month, I was able to 

use right-click to scan a specific file , but recently I wasn’t able to do this.


I have checked my Advanced settings →  Scan settings

→ tick the check box on  “Enable right-click scanning in Windows explorer”

And that these settings are saved, but I still cannot do a right click scan on a file?

Has anyone here encounter this issue,  I have several other pcs all behaving 

this way, cannot do right click scan of  any file.


Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.



2 replies

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Have you rebooted each time after checking/unchecking that setting?  


Also as a fix there’s a utility from Webroot that can help. 


Ensure that you have the right click scan checked, then download and run the utility, reboot and see if that helps. 


If not, try an uninstall/reinstall or contact support. 

Hope this helps.


Happy New Year



John H

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Thanks John ,  I give this a shot


Previously I never reboot my pc after these settings