Comcast admits “widespread” outage as tens of thousands of users report problems

  • 9 November 2021
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Large outages reported in Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and San Francisco.

JON BRODKIN - 11/9/2021


There appears to be a widespread Comcast outage affecting customers in multiple parts of the country this morning. News reports have described large outages in Chicago, Philadelphia, and southern New Jersey. "Xfinity's own outage tracker is currently down, displaying the error message: 'We are experiencing abnormal traffic to our network or… the service or servers on it are not currently available,'" The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote.

There were also reports of a large Comcast outage in the San Francisco Bay Area last night, leading to a message from the Marin County Sheriff's office that said, "Please do not call 911 to ask why your Internet is out. Call your Internet service provider." That outage may be resolved, as "Comcast tells NBC Bay Area late Monday its systems show Xfinity services are starting to come back online following widespread Internet outages across the Bay Area," the news site reported. Comcast outages in other regions are ongoing.


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