[Discussion] - Twitter is a hotbed for crypto scam bots

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I am continually amazed by people who think that easy money is going to be.gifted them by total strangers.
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This is unsurprising seeing as though any digital social/media platform are generally always full of scams.
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too good to be true - as it says in the tin.
Also: Twitter; why is it so easy to impersonate?
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As others have mentioned.  Anything unregulated and free to use is going to attract the masses, some of which are criminals.
Mass marketing of anything, howerver bad, always gets a few takers. Lets hope the recent publicity about facebook and cambridge analytica will make people more suspicious.
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Its a daily fight with my users - from OFFICE 365 phishing, to redirected URLS, to Twitter.  Facebook used to be the main culprit so we blocked it. 
Thank you Tyler and Drew for sharing this 
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You bet @BWhite
If you or anyone else has something to ask @TylerM or if there's something else you'd like us to touch on, please let me know. We love creating content for you guys! 

Some measures taken by Twitter 
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To tell you the truth i haven't seen anything from my Twitter account? Let's hope it stays that way! :D
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I have the perfect defence. I don't have a twitter account.
The main thing with any scam is education. The more people know about it the less people will be caught.
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Thankfully I don't, nor do clients I deal with get involved with Crypto Currency.
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If in doubt  - don't. Better still, stay off Twitter.
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This is an old idea, but still an interestingp[ one. Problem is, who charges? If Google mail (for example) started charging for sending mail, there would just be someone else who would not. 
Does the receiving end charge? That does not work because paying for every email you receive puts the cost on the wrong end. 

Many ISPs tried to solve this problem by limiting the number of emails that can be sent in a day to something around 1000. Even Google has a limit. Tries to solve the problem with no costs.
The Internet itself charges? Who is that really, and how do they make someone pay? You are not really a customer of the internet. 
And, I can always just set up my own email server for (nearly)  free, and send all the messages I want for free. It is easy, I have my own mail server already. 
I think what we really need is verified (like registered) email. A sending system must register and verify themselves as SPAM free. Accounts may need to register as well to make this work, but maybe not. What they get is a verification from a reliable third party trusted registration service, and a certificate (or something similar) is attached to the message when set. Could be a simple as a header and certtified, date stamped key. Then receiving systems can choose to only receive email from a trusted certified source, and treat the rest as SPAM. 


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