EMC launches new supplier exchange, 'Smart' Archive

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EMC Launches New Supplier Exchange, 'Smart' Archive
by Chris Preimesberger
New products use existing EMC platforms, including Pivotal CF, an enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) powered by Pivotal Cloud Foundry. EMC's Information Intelligence Group, which used to be Documentum, came out with two new products May 6 at EMC World 2014: its first industry-specific public cloud software as a service, Supplier Exchange, and a "smart" archiver called InfoArchive. Supplier Exchange improves older Documentum-based private-cloud collaboration software to enable similar connections with partners and contractors outside the enterprise in a hybrid-style app. Marketing director Gautam Desai told eWEEK that using Supplier Exchange, contractors can look at RFPs, submit bids and use other documents with security at any time and from any device. The first version of Supplier Exchange is designed specifically for the energy and engineering industries. It enables project sponsors and asset owners to speed up time to financial milestones by streamlining the fulfillment, review, and approval of contractual deliverables. Supplier Exchange is built atop Pivotal CF, an enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) powered by Pivotal Cloud Foundry that brings scale, elasticity, multi-tenancy, and automated deployment to the exchange, Desai said. The second new product, InfoArchive, is an application-agnostic archive product suite that preserves enterprise information while helping customers get used to moving to cloud services.
InfoArchive is based on open standards, enabling customers to handle large volumes of structured data, unstructured content, print streams, and xml -- from a multitude of applications -- at scale across the enterprise, Desai said.
Archiving traditionally has been a standalone task from regular production work. Active archiving enables content and data to be archived periodically from applications that are being actively used within the enterprise. Because it doesn't shut down operations, active archiving reduces storage, backup and infrastructure costs and improves application performance.
All archived information by InfoArchive is managed in accordance with compliance regulations and remains accessible to users of any business application.InfoArchive also is designed for effective application decommissioning. Doing this correctly reduces costs associated with managing legacy apps and operating environments by extracting application data, managing it against current compliance policies and ensuring access to support business reporting, discovery and audit.
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