European Commission sets five year minimum term for botnet operators

  • 5 July 2013
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THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION has agreed to hand down tougher sentences to those convicted of cyber crimes.
The European Commission has been investigating the varying sentences that can be imposed on those convicted of cyber crimes among the 28 member states of the European Union. Now the commission has agreed upon tougher sentences and proposed new laws such as an "illegal interception" law.
According to the commission directive, criminal penalties are set at a minimum of two years. The European Commission also said that instigating, aiding and abetting any cyber crime offences can also be penalised.
The commission made specific reference to botnet owners, saying that when a signficant number of systems have been affected by an attack, there will be a minimum three year prison term upon conviction, and when a botnet causes "serious damage" or is deployed against critical infrastructure, the sentence will be increased to five years.
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2 replies

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Good news, once every so often the EU gets something right.
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Great news now they have to find them and close them down!