Firefox and Chrome reaching major versions 100 may break some websites

  • 17 February 2022
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February 17, 2022  By Pieter Arntz


Mozilla has issued a warning about the upcoming versions 100 for both Chrome and Firefox. The change in the version number from 2 to 3 digits may cause some problems when visiting websites that are not prepared for this change. For example, it’s possible that some parsing libraries may have hard-coded assumptions or bugs that don’t take into account three-digit major version numbers.

Version 100

Chrome expected to reach the first three digit major version number in the first half of 2022. According to the Firefox release calendar, Firefox Nightly will reach version 100 during the first quarter of 2022 (probably March). At that rate it will reach Firefox stable release version early May 2022.

For now, the estimated dates are March 29 for Chrome and May 3 for Firefox.


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1 reply

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That’s why I began using Mac’s Safari. Way too many updates with Firefox and Chrome. Safari has improved 100% in the last few years.