Firefox update V. 57 disabled Webroot Filtering Extension (& other things that did not meet their new standard)

  • 4 May 2019
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Received notice from Firefox that they were disabling all Add-ons that don't meet "current Firefox standards", & those items are now missing. They include a very important one: Webroot Filtering Extension, which also means I don't get the green checkmarks on Bing & Google search engines, for safe links. Firefox is my preferred browser. I don't trust IE for privacy issues, & the last 4 times I D/Led & set up Chrome, it came with some malware--haven't tried it in several years.

I don't want to stop using Firefox, but neither do I want to lose Webroot's Filtering Extension. Is there ay other solution besides to stopusing Firefox till Webroot jumps through the hoops Firefox is requiring? Leslie

Best answer by pierrequiroule 4 May 2019, 15:11

I just read that apparently a fix is in place at Mozilla for this Firefox issue and it should be deployed within hours:
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I don't see any other alternative but to use another browser for the time being. However, if you are concerned about privacy issues, you may try Brave browser. Although Webroot does not officially support it, the Webroot Filtering Extension got installed automatically as soon as I installed Brave (that I use as an alternative to Firefox, my default browser). However, WSA will not add automatically Brave browser to the list of "protected" applications (under Identity Protection > Application Protection tab). You will have to do this manually (see "Add Application" in the right lower corner of the WSA user interface, under "Application Protection" tab).

For more info about privacy-focused browsers,
including Brave:

p.s.: I don't have any relation or connection with the
above website. I just thought this info was worth sharing it!
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Well the Webroot filtering extension is working ok for me in Firefox 66.0.3 (the current release version! ☺
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I just read that apparently a fix is in place at Mozilla for this Firefox issue and it should be deployed within hours:
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Hello @pierrequiroule ,

Thank you! I just installed Brave Browser and the Webroot Filter is working. I'll try this Browser..sounds good!😊

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@Ssherjj 🙂
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@lepfe2 If you haven't yet done it, updating Firefox to v. 66.0.4 should resolve your issue (as it did for me).
Although Firefox is not a secure browser, But there are many browsers that keep cookies of users. In fact many private browsers keep logs. So i recommend to use clear Browser Cookies.

Here is the complete guide to clear Browser Cookies:

The best browser would probably be TOR browser.
- Use VPN: better security and privacy
- integrated VPN adblock ect.

- But you cannot download anything with it or you compromise privacy
- Slower than other browsers- due to VPN

If you want a more standard one, get Brave browser (new open source) or opera.
Problem is some website won't work properly sometimes.

Though, there are other options to secure privacy online here

More advanced options mean more security and privacy but it requires some investment eventually.