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  • 2 March 2013
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I'm a newbie and not very high-tech savvy, but I have a problem that has been plaguing me for a couple weeks now. When I go on some sites, I get a small window that pops up saying that it's from "Adobe Flash Player Settings." It says that some website (such as nbcuni.com or cfiles.5min.com or secure-us.imworldwide.com etc) "is requesting information to be shared on your computer."  There are 2 buttons:  Allow and Deny.  If I click Deny, it won't go away.  I keep clicking Deny and sometimes the name of the website asking permission will change.  I keep clicking Deny and eventually it goes away, but it pops right back up again in about 15 seconds.  This popup box won't allow me to ignore it and navigate the site.  It seemed to me that this was some kind of malware.  I only started seeing in a couple weeks ago and have never changes my Adobe Flash Player settings.
I contacted Webroot support and they said, "The issue you are reporting sounds like it may be related to a browser extension or toolbar add on. Check your add on settings in your web browser and disable or remove any unknown or unwanted programs. Check all programs in the control panel and uninstall any toolbars or unknown programs and that should resolve the issue."
It didn't.  Does this sound like I need to remove Adobe Flash Player and reinstall? I have to say, it really doesn't look like a legitimate Adobe prompt.  Sometimes it's very blurred and there is no Adobe logo.  Has anyone ever seen anything like this before?
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6 replies

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Hi lldorward and welcome to the forums!
I am not sure if what you are seeing is the legitimate pop up from Adobe or not, but I can tell you that there have been security patches released over the last few weeks.  If you have not installed the new patches recently, you are strongly urged to do so.  Hopefully by doing this, it will resolve the issue you are describing.
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Probably the exact text of the message in question is "adobe flash player settings is requesting permission to store information on your computer."  If not, and you can provide the exact message, that would be helpful.
This message concerns flash storage, which is something you have a certain amount of control over.  Some flash videos may not work without flash storage enabled, so keep that in mind if you decide to adjust the settings.
This link will take you to the flash storage settings panel, which may be of some help in resolving the problem: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html
If you locate the site(s) in the list and adjust the storage slider down to zero, it will prevent them from using flash storage.  I believe there is an option to "never ask again" as well.
I hope this helps!
Thanks so much for the welcome and your help! :D:D
The popup boxes have a title bar at the top that reads"Adobe Flash Player Settings." Below that is a box that reads: "Local Storage;" below that is: such-and-such a website "is requesting permission to store information on your computer." Below that is "Requested: up to 10 KB" and below that is, "Currently used: 0 KB."
The link you provided was very helpful.  Thank you.  "The Website Settings Storage Panel" on the Adobe site does indeed look a lot like the windows that have been popping up on my screen; it's larger, of course, but it looks like the same fonts/style/etc and is even somewhat distorted, just like the popups sometimes are, so I guess the popups are legit.  
So does this mean that it's ok to allow these websites to store information on my computer?  Is there a danger to allowing it?  I want to be able to play videos, but it's a little creepy that by viewing a video, I'm allowing "information" to be stored on my computer.  What kind of information?
Adobe says that I can limit the amount of space sites can take up on my computer.  Is this what I should do?  
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The sites you provided links for appear to be safe sites.  This is verifiable through our link-checking tool over on BrightCloud.com .  As long as the sites are safe sites, it's fine to allow them to use Flash storage.  If they were not safe sites, the Web Threat Shield in WSA would alert you before you would even see the notification from Flash.  So in general, yes, it's ok to allow Flash storage.  The "information" is anything in the Flash file itself.  It could be a funny video, an ad, or whatever else the flash file contains.  There are exploits discovered in Flash from time to time that could allow for malicious things to be included in what constitutes that "information," but that's why you have Webroot.  🙂
Thanks so much!;)
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Hello lldorward and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums. ;)
You can check Here to make sure you have the most current release of Adobe Flash and if not links are provided to update.