Fun with Tracert

  • 9 February 2013
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An inventive Cisco-certified networking professional, who must also be a big fan of a certain sci-fi movie, set up some private routing tables that tell a pretty amusing story when you try to tracert his site's ip address.
For a funny result, open up a command prompt and run this trace:
tracert -h 64 got a good laugh out of this, and you probably will too.  :catlol:
*please don't post screenshots of your results since we always moderate off ip addresses
**we're making an exception for this particular address since the owner made it public intentionally

2 replies

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I had to borrow it and facebook it... I have a few IT and geek pals that will love it!
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Looks like he had to take it down due to bandwidth concerns.  Oh well, it was funny while it lasted.

There's always still:
telnet towel.blinkenlights.nlIf you've got Telnet enabled of course.