Galaxy S4 before the Galaxy S4 Announcement

  • 14 March 2013
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Title confusing you? Let me explain.
As you may very well know, Samsung's "Next Big Thing", the much rumored, hyped, and comercially-campaigned-without-showing-anything Galaxy S4 smartphone is being unveiled tonight in New York City at 5:00PM EST. But if a brand new review form a Chinese source is any suggestion (and it looks like it is), you don't have to wait until tonight to see the device (or some of it's general specs for that matter).
The full story (with a link to the original review in Chinese) can be found here, but I'll break down some of the basics:
  • Looks a lot like the current Galaxy S3-same shape, a tiny bit bigger screen, rounded edges, plastic (albeit less plasticky-feeling)
  • Better screen with much higher pixel density with changes to help screen render fine detail.
  • Improved camera (doesn't specify 13MP, but you'll know in just over an hour)
  • Top-of-the line performance-leaked review model had Samsung's eight-core Exynos Octa processor
  • Refined screen transition animations and smart-scrolling (in line with the eye-tracking interaction reports)
In an hour, we'll see if these specs hold true as well as if Samsung has anything else up it's sleeve. Perhaps there will be something nobody is expecting. We'll wait and see-I'll post a more comprehensive post about the device in all of it's glory tomorrow.

(Source: TechCrunch)

6 replies

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Samsung Galaxy event (live blog) Live
Samsung is widely expected to announce the Galaxy S4 at its Unpacked event in New York City. Join us live from Radio City Music Hall.
You're watching the CNET preshow. The video stream above will toggle to the live Samsung feed at 4pm PT / 7pm ET.

What we know so far: Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor roundup
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Here is the video from the above! Start watching at the 40 minute point as that's where it's starts! ;)
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Hmmm, I am quite uncertain about this new S4. It's in fact the bigger predecessor SIII, still plastic made with not so exciting design and missing IP57 (in these views Xperia Z is the phenomen). Of course without doubts, its hardware specification and some software wizards like the Air Gestures and Reading, S Translator etc. etc. puts this phone between the top smartphones but for me, to be honest, it isn't enough to earn my evaluation as a best smartphone. I had a higher expectation from Samsung's flagship, especially as far as the design and made is concerned. Anyway it's solely my personal opinion.
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I agree the plastic has to go more like the Motorola and it's Kevlar, I think I will wait till I see the other new phones out this year.
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Hey guys,
Thanks for your comments on this thread. While I am planning to post a separate breakdown of the S4's features a bit later on, I thought I'd chime in with my opinions of the new Galaxy. As an current owner of the S3 (which I must say is my favorite phone I've ever had), the S4's design comes off as a bit disappointing to me. Not only does the device look almost identical, but I must echo Pegas (and many others) in saying that the plastic construction does feel cheap compared to the high-end offerings from companies who have decided to go with more substantial materials. Personally, I would have loved if Samsung had gone with the original concept design, which was quite beautiful IMO. That said, I totally understand why they did what they did. Keeping the shape ensures that current S3 customers (who are pretty much all satisfied with the dimensions and look) stay satisfied and potential switchers get intrigued instead by the awesome specs and performance bumps. Likewise, plastic is the most logical choice for mass production purposes and they did at least improve the plastic to make it feel less cheap according to initial impressions.
And performance sounds impressive for sure. While the Octa-core may just be another marketing ploy, if it does function in the way it's been described-four powerful cores for performance and four weaker cores for efficiency that alternate depending on what the phone is being used for-I think it could be a huge boost for batter life. Speaking of battery, the new battery is much improved too. Camera-wise, we'll have to wait for more comparisons, but 13MP doesn't necessarily mean great quality. In fact, it may be too many MP for a phone.
If I stick with Android for my next device (and I'm pretty sure I will), this will be at the very top of my list alongside the HTC One and not-yet-announced Nexus 5. As of this moment, I am leaning towards the One (for it's look, build quality, and innovation), but that could change when more comparisons are done. Also looking forward to try the new Blackberry and see if the iPhone 6 brings any innovations to the table (it's about time I think). Let me know what you guys think!
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Thanks Yegor for your evaluation of S4 :D
I have to admit that the more I read about S4 the more I am disappointed.
Foremost, as I already pointed in my previous post, the design and used materials it's not my cup of coffee. I prefer shiny, luxury, made of modern materials and feel of strongly built devices. In this respect the new Xperia Z and ASUS Padfone Infinity are the benchmarks. If I should pay cca 800 USD for a device I demand body materials like glass and aluminum alloy and so on.
As regards the hardware parameters including camera, unfortunately there is nothing I should be amazed because if we look around, we will count at least 4 devices with the same or even better hardware specifications.
As for the software, OK here I coincide that it looks promisingly. The question is, though, if all these new innovative things like air gestures, translating on the fly, health support etc. will find the use during routine usage. Moreover, we don't know yet if all these things will work properly. If not it can easily turn in to madness. Imagine what happens if you would be dictating an e-mail when driving a car and it will not correctly convert your voice to text. So, I am not so brave to rate the software parameters now. Only time will tell us ...
So my brief review of S4 is:

I don't like: design and used materials
I am not so excited: hardware
It remains to be seen: software