Google Chrome Importing Bookmarks from Mozila Firefox Option Disappeared

  • 30 October 2016
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I import Mozilla Firefox bookmarks into Google Chrome on a daily basis (as I'm always making changes to bookmarks in Firefox).
But for some reason, Mozilla Firefox is no longer listed on the "Import bookmarks and settings" drop-down menu in Google Chrome.The only thing I've done is put laptop into standby and then out of standby.Mozilla Firefox has been showing on the drop-down menu for years, but now it has stopped showing.
I restarted my computer in case there had been some sort of glitch, but that didn't help.
I have a feeling it could be a registry or system error, as the Mozilla Firefox option is no longer listed in the equivalent menu for Vivaldi, SRware Iron or Opera browsers either.
Does anyone know of a fix to get Mozilla Firefox showing on the import menu again? Thanks.

8 replies

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Hi 54MpH15h3R
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I have never used the feature you describe but have checked on my system an concur with what you are describing other than as I am running under Windows 10 I have an option to import from Edge as well as IE, so I assume you are running under a different version of the OS?
I have been unable to find any specific  information or reference to this issue recently, only issues withthe actual importing of the bookmarks with suggests that Firefox can be selected as a source & then there are issues... but will keep looking and post back if I do find out anything.
Hope that helps somewhat?
Regards, Baldrick
I am using WindowsXP, Firefox 43.0.4 and Google Chrome 47.0.2526.111 (+ last versions of other browsers that run on XP too).
I've been looking for a possible reason as to why Mozilla Firefox has disappeared on the drop-down menu, but unable to find anything either. I've even enquired on the Google Chrome forum but got hardly any views, let alone replies.
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Hi 54MpH15h3R
I am using Chrome 54 & Firefox 49, i.e., bang up to date or nearly, and still seeing the issue you describe.
So in the interim my I suggest that you switch to exporting from Firefox as HTML & then importing that HTML file into Chrome? If so then I believe that the procedure should be as follows:
1. Open Firefox & do what you currenlty do to select all bookmarks
2. In usual dropdown select "Export Bookmarks to HTML"
3. Store the resultant file on you Desktop or where you can locate it later
4. In the usual "Import Bookmarks and Settings" sub menu select "Bookmarks, HTML File" instead
5. Find & select the file you previously stored in step 3. above
6. Click on "Open" & the contents of the file should be loaded into Chrome
That should work equally well as a workaround whilst we see what more, if anything we can find out about the specific issue.
Regards, Baldrick
Hi Guys,
I just thought I'd post that I'm using the latest Firefox (49.0.2) and Chrome (54.0.2840.71 ) and I do see the option to import from Firefox in Chrome.
Not sure why this option isn't available to you, just thought I'd mention it.;)
Just a thought, when the drop-menu shows those importing options, where are those options being fetched from... an entry in the registry?
@ wrote:
Just a thought, when the drop-menu shows those importing options, where are those options being fetched from... an entry in the registry?
Hi 54MpH15h3R,
I honestly don't know. But we discourage users from making changes to the registry because of the harm it could cause to their PC should something go wrong. ;)
Have you tried re-installing Firefox and/or Chrome?
In the meantime I would use the option that Baldrick has provided. While not ideal, you will still accomplish what you are seeking.
Yes, I've used the HTML option but amongst other things, I need updated Passwords importing too...
Installing Firefox DIDN'T work, that was the first thing I tried. I can't find an actual "installer" for 47.0.2526.111.
I could only ever update via the online installer anyway (e.g. ChromeSetup The relevent .exe files in the Chrome Update folder never "ran" for me - I could only ever extract those files and launch Chrome that way if I ever need to use a previous version.
I don't know if you've already tried this link, but it has all older versions of Firefox.
You can find older versions of Chrome here.
Zip files must be extracted before running the .exe
Hope this info helps,