Google will brick Google Glasses if owners resell or loan them out

  • 19 April 2013
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[Terms of service warn users that their $1,500 high-tech specs will be deactivated if they try to resell or loan them to another person.]


Read here.


Thought as some are developers here in the Community, they should know about this important point of terms of service , if they were the lucky recipients of the Explorer Edition.:)

2 replies

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I understand that Google wants to make up as much revenues as possible from their pioneering glasses. They have spent a huge resources to develop the glasses so I don't see anything bad in wanting to turn cost in to profit.

However everything should have its value. Well, Google Glasses, it's a highly inovative solution so let's impose "non-standard" conditions. In this light, in case of the glasses resell without a permit, OK, let's deactivate it. Though this measure is still very questionable. But deactivating just due to loaning ... it's completely off and too harsh. Here Google overshot.
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I have mixed feelings about Google. Although they do have some very innovative products, they seem to be turning more and more into a "Big-Brother" type of company.


I have to say that I am finding myself not fully trusting them anymore.