How do you get rid of "rsgupd" pop-up window on Windows10?

Intermittently I have a window pop up on my monitor saying that "rsgupd.exe" wants to make changes to my computer and asking whether I would allow this. I always click on "no", but this is becoming a real annoyance. Any ideas on how to get rid of it? I've tried scanning my computer with Webroot, but it doesn't identify rsgupd as a problem.

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Hi svancourt30

I would think that a good ad blocker being added to your browser(s) will deal with this given that I think that this manifestation is linked to 'adware'.

There are a number that we use here in the Community such as uBlock Origin, uBlock, Ad Blocker, PrivacyBadger, Ghostery. As to which would is best for you & available to you to use will depend on the browser that you use, and most will come/be available as extensions or add-ons so best to check in the store for your browser and see what is available.

There are also some previous threads where ad blockers are discussed (an example can be found HERE).

Give the ad blocker approach a try and see if that sorts out the issue for you.

If not then please post back for more assistance.

Regards, Baldrick


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