How many maintenance tools?

  • 31 August 2017
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Having become disillusioned with the performance of some of the Apps on my Android tablet I decided to invest in a small tabet/laptop running Windows 10.  My main machine has been and still is running XP for many years with Webroot Secure Anywhere and AVG's PC TuneUp.
WIndows 10 comes with a variety of maintenance tools and some are included in Webroot SA, which was the first thing I loaded.  After reading a book to get to grips with Windows 10, I was going to install the recommended CCleaner but am now cautioned by posts on the possible future of that product eslewhere on these forums.
Not sure about adding the AVG product even though I could under my licence at no cost.
So back to the question.  What tools do you actually need?

3 replies

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Hi ptgeoff
You are most welcome...happy to hopefully be of some assistance. :D
If you have any further questions in relation to this then please post back and I am sure that myself or some of the other members will be over to assist/respond.
Have a  great weekend.
Regards, Baldrick
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Hi Baldrick,
Great response.  Thanks for your thoughts.
Regards Geoff
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Hi ptgeoff
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I also run a WIndows 10 tablet on top of my main Windows 10 system.  On the tablet I have installed CCleaner which I use regularly (but as I am also a WRSA Complete user I have access to the System Optimizer feature that provides basic junk cleaning features).
What I have refrained from doing is to install anything such as AVG TuneUp Utilities as whilst good it does consume system resources which on a tablet are most likely limited due to CPU & power requirements.
There are number of other such utilities that often have a free version, that I have used or use occasionally and have proved to be reliable; such as WiseCleaner, Glarys Utilities & WinOptimizer, etc. And there is also a Cloud based version of CCleaner (can be accessed from the Piriform website), that can be setup and which gives the same features of CCleaner but which is much lighter.
And of course there is Windows built in Disk Cleaner & Storage Sense features that can also be used to clear detritus.
But having said all of the above I would remind that any such cleaning or use of such utilities, however trustworthy, needs to be done sensibly...with at least a System Restore Point being made prior to cleaning in case of post cleaning issues. Better still, if you have the option to image your tablet then that provides even better protection, but some might see this as overkill.
Finally, about the future of CCleaner since the recent takeover...the new owners would be mad to drop or interfere with the 'CCleaner' brand, and in fact I do believe that they have put out a statement that CCleaner will continue as a standalone product going forward...but how much credence that has only time will tell.
Hope that the above is of use?
Regards, Baldrick