How to Check Privacy Data for Apps on iPhone, iPad, Mac, & PC

  • 27 November 2021
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Have you ever wanted to check the kind of personal data that’s collected by a particular app during usage? Specifically, the data that’s used to track you or link to your identity? Apple makes it easy and straightforward for its users, putting people’s privacy at the forefront.


Apple has brought some major changes to privacy and stepped up its security measures to protect user data. The company has made it mandatory to have App Privacy labels for the apps that are published on the App Store. This makes it easier for normal users to figure out all the kinds of data that’ll be used by a particular app before they proceed to install it.

This is a feature that privacy buffs would really appreciate. Let’s check out how this privacy data feature for App Store apps works on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Windows PCs.


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