🔒 How to Hard Lock an iPhone to Prevent Unauthorized Biometric Access 🔒

  • 1 September 2022
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If you’re ever in a situation where you are concerned about unauthorized biometric access to your iPhone, for example, someone holding your iPhone up to your face to unlock it with Face ID, or someone forcing you to put your finger on the Touch ID sensor to unlock the iPhone, you can prevent that unauthorized access to the iPhone with a Hard Lock trick.

Hard Locking an iPhone disables the biometric access capabilities on an iPhone, like Face ID and Touch ID, forcing the iPhone to require a passcode to unlock the device. This could be theoretically useful in a variety of situations, like crossing a foreign border or interacting with some legal authority.

Most people don’t know about hard locking an iPhone, but fortunately it’s an easy trick to learn and to master, and you can do it all discretely from your pocket so you don’t even have to pull the iPhone out and fiddle with it.


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1 reply

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That’s an interesting feature I didn’t know about.