How to Password Protect Pages, Keynote & Numbers Documents on Mac / iPhone / iPad

  • 9 March 2022
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Do you want to make sure your important documents created in Pages, Keynote, or Numbers are safe and secure? If so, you may want to encrypt them with a secure password, which will protect the document from unauthorized access. If you’re looking to password protect your iWork documents, macOS makes it pretty easy.

The Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps are all part of Apple’s iWork productivity suite that’s relied on by millions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS users alike to work on important documents. Normally, the documents that you create or edit using these apps can be opened and accessed by anyone who has access to your Mac, or who has access to the files themselves. However, there’s an option that allows you to set a password for your documents which may come in handy if you’re sharing your Mac with other people, or if you’re sharing sensitive files with others, perhaps with colleagues or family members.

Let’s take a look at how you can lock your iWork documents away from prying eyes, and walk through the steps required to password protect your Pages, Keynote, and Numbers documents right from your Mac.


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1 reply

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How to Password Protect Pages, Keynote & Numbers Documents on iPhone & iPad


Want to password protect your important Pages, Keynote, and Numbers documents, right from your iPhone or iPad? Thanks to a handy feature in the iWork productivity suite, you can easily encrypt your documents, right from iOS or iPadOS (or Mac), requiring the proper password to be entered before the documents can be opened by anyone.


Apple’s iWork productivity suite includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, and is widely used by tons of iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to create and manage documents on their devices. By default, the files that you share from these apps can be opened by anyone who can see them, since they’re not encrypted. However, there’s a hidden option in each of these apps that allow users to set a custom password and protect their documents from random users opening the documents. No password means not opening the file.

Here we will take a look at encrypting your iWork documents with a password to protect them from prying eyes, and you’ll be doing this directly from your iPhone or iPad.


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