How to Remove Old Devices from Apple ID on Mac

  • 10 January 2022
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If you’ve owned a variety of Apple devices over the years, you may eventually get to a point where you have sold, handed down, or traded away some of those older Macs, iPhones, iPads, or other Apple hardware. Whatever the situation, once a device is no longer in your possession, you should remove the devices you’re no longer using from your Apple account for security reasons. Plus it’s just good practice to clean out devices that are no longer yours so they are not associated with your Apple ID anymore.


Signing in to your Apple ID from a device to take advantage of Apple’s services will link that particular device to your account. These devices need not necessarily be one of the Apple devices you own. For example, if you use iCloud for Windows or if you ever connected your iOS device to your PC, your computer will be linked to your Apple account. This is also considered as the trusted device list. Some of the devices in this list may be authorized to approve two-factor authentication requests for example.

We’re going to run through the steps to remove old devices that are linked to your Apple account right from your Mac.


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