How to share iCloud photos

  • 17 December 2021
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William Gallagher | Dec 17, 2021

You can always send a photo to a friend, but sometimes you need to share images with. more people — and you may not know all of their email addresses. Here's how to share your iCloud Photos.


Maybe you got collared at the family reunion, forced into taking photos because you're good with cameras. Now after the immensely enjoyable slog of editing a thousand shots of strangers down to the forty best shots, you've got to get those images out to them.

Some people will be, shall we say, more technology savvy than others. Some will be close enough that you can just turn your iPhone around and show them.


But then second cousin Mabel's granddad wants to see the shots with her in, and he wasn't even there. You certainly don't know his contact details, you may not have quite caught his name.

What you can do then for his convenience and your sanity, is share these photos over iCloud with Mabel and let her worry about her grandad.. You have to set this up, but then any one of the family can do the job of picking out the images they want to keep.

This is all most useful when you have a lot of images that you need to share with a lot of people. So it's handiest to do it via an album, which means you can group the shots together, and also add and remove them as you need.

But you can also skip all of this album sharing and instead nominate one, two, or many photos to share straight from your Camera Roll.


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