How to Show Word Count in Pages for Mac, iPad & iPhone

  • 3 September 2022
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Want to know the word count of a Pages document you’re working on from the Mac?

Keeping track of word counts is often essential for writers, authors, students, and many other professions, so it’s natural to want to know how to see the word count of documents as you work on them in Pages for Mac.

Read along and we’ll show you how to display the word count of documents in Pages for Mac.


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2 replies

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How to Show Word Count in Pages for iPad or iPhone


Want to enable a word counter in Pages on iPad or iPhone? The Pages app for iOS includes an optional word count service that will constantly update as you type and edit any document within the Pages app for iOS. Curiously, enabling the word counter on Pages for iOS is different on iPad and iPhone, but this article will show you how to enable the feature in either version.

While this may not be useful to all Pages users, many writers, authors, editors, and students rely on word counters for various reasons, and a word counter can help to easily determine the length of a document, manuscript, newsletter, or any other file that may be worked on in the word processor app.


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Thanks for that. Can be an important feature to need to know how many words in a document