How to Turn Off Siri on Apple Watch to Stop Siri Listening

  • 13 January 2022
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Don’t want Apple Watch to always be listening for the “Hey Siri” command? You can turn off Siri on Apple Watch if you want to stop it from listening to you, ready to take your commands.

We’ll show you how to turn off the Siri listening feature Apple Watch, which still allows you to use Siri if manually activated, and also how to turn off Siri completely so that the entire feature is not available on Apple Watch. Finally, we’ll also show you how to delete your Siri history and voice commands from Apple servers.

Note that by disabling Siri listening on Apple Watch for Hey Siri commands, you’ll have to manually engage Siri to issue a command, or use touch input. If you disable Siri entirely, the Apple Watch functionality is reduced to touch input only as no voice commands will be available.


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