How to Use Content Caching on Mac

  • 11 January 2022
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Content Caching is a unique Mac feature that can be extremely useful if you have several Apple devices in your home. It can be used to save your internet data, speed up downloads, and even iCloud data access, by caching things like iOS, macOS, or iPadOS software updates on the Mac, which then get distributed from the server Mac to eligible devices on the network – rather than having to download them again from Apple. This feature used to be restricted to macOS server, but Apple pushed it out to consumers with the macOS High Sierra update a few years ago.


Ever since its introduction, advanced macOS users have been taking advantage of this feature to use a portion of their Mac’s storage as a local cache that stores Apple-distributed software and the other data that users store in iCloud. Let’s say you updated your iPhone to the latest iOS version. A copy of this software update is automatically stored in the content cache so that other iPhones connected to the same network can access the copy from this cache rather than re-downloading the update from Apple’s servers which uses your internet data.

Interested in trying the Content Caching feature on your macOS machine? We got you covered, let’s check out how it works.


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