How to use Safari's Privacy Report in macOS Monterey

  • 8 November 2021
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While you browse, macOS Monterey's Safari is fighting off trackers and malware for you. Here's how to see just how much it's doing with its built-in privacy report.

There are few options in Apple's Privacy Report feature in on macOS Monterey, but there is a lot of detail that can help you feel secure browsing.

Apple's Privacy Report in Safari, introduced in macOS Big Sur, is a feature that you will use constantly — and yet rarely ever look at. Simply by using Safari in macOS Monterey, you get the benefits of this feature and it will improve your browsing experience.

It aims to do this specifically so that companies who attempt to uniquely identify your Mac, and so track your web usage. Every site you visit requests some information — such as which browser you're using — but that's to give you an optimized web page.

Safari's Privacy Report, and previous features including Intelligent Tracking Protection, blocks everything.

You can ignore it all, you can choose to never even click on the Privacy Report icon that's permanently next to Safari's address bar. If you do view it, though, you can make informed decisions about what you want to allow.


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