I have a dell computer Inspiron and a Lexmark Interpret S405 printer that won't work

  • 26 October 2015
  • 2 replies

I cannot get my Lexmark Interpret S405 printer to connect with my Dell Ispiron.

2 replies

Hello ?,
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Do you have the correct driver for your printer?
Lexmark divers are available here:
Choose your printer, operating system, etc..
If you still are experiencing  problem please let us know.
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? what OS are you running on the Inspiron & how did you connect it? USB or via a network interface?
Does your OS detect the printer or not? What driver version do you have installed...
Do you get any errors in the eventviewer.... Details pls. I've installed & configured a fair share of Lexmark printers on a network printserver and if you hook them up correctly & configure them right they should not cause any issues.