I have received an email in which I can not open. At 1st it was in excel so I told the person they

  • 18 January 2017
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I received an email that I cannot open.  1st it was in excel now in word. 

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Hi cbwright14
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Whatever you do  DO NOT try any more to open this. What yo are describing sounds extremely suspicious so until determined otherwise assume that what you have received is suspect/dangerous to you system.
Firstly, is it an email with an attachment you cannot open or can you not open the email itself? If the latter then delete it immediately on the grounds that (i) it is of no use to you & (ii) if it was important and the sender needs a reply they will resend it.
Secondly, if it was the former, then do you know who the email was from? Do you that person or organisation and most importantly were you expecting such an email? If the answer to all of these questions is 'Yes' then I would respond to the sender, advise them that the attachment cannot be opened and see if the resend it to you. BUT if you answer 'No' to any of the questions then I would delete it immediately as if it was important and the sender needs a reply they will resend it.
Emails are one of the main vectors from ransomware and one MUST be very, very careful with all emails received but especially in the case that you describe. And sometimes it is oes from the most obvious sources but are unexpected thatare the most dangerous, i.e., from the tax man saying that you have had a rebate...ask yourself...is that something I was expecting?
I hope that helps in some way?
Regards, Baldrick