iOS 7 specs versus Android 4.2, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10

  • 11 June 2013
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Apple completely rebuilt its iOS interface.
Apple's iOS 7 comes out swingingwith an overhauled design that reskins practically every element with a gleaming new interface. From what we've seen so far (including hands-on time with iOS 7 on an iPhone 5,) we like the latest 'do. A lot.
While some new behaviors go along with the updated apps, iOS 7's changes are more cosmetic and iterative than they are groundbreaking. That's completely understandable; not every update can spark a revolution.
However, apart from a few notable innovations, iOS 7 doesn't seem like it's enough to overturn criticism that its growth has stalled, that it's less innovative than arch-rival Android, and that it borrows heavily from other competitors (in truth, they all steal ideas from each other). At least not at this point in the game.
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