little snowman icon in win 11 edge (is this adware or maleware)?

  • 21 December 2021
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I recently got a laptop that downloaded windows 11 And then I turned off windows 11 s mode because i did not like the search engine of edge. So I do not remember always having the ICON of a little snowman that is surrounded by six littler icons The littler icons change the appearance of the microsoft edge homepage and the snowman icon appears anywhere on the home page that i click there are six little icons Around the bigger snowman icon if i click one it is a shopping page the other littler icons changes the edge home page to various things like a fire place or christmas lights surrounding the home page  anyway I do not want this on my edge or computer can you tell me what it is and how to get rid of it is it a dangerous virus???

2 replies

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Can you attach a screenshot of the icon? Have you run a virus scan?

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Well since I posted the question the Little icon of the Half snowman that tipped it’s hat when I put cursor on him, and then Happy holiday appeared along with the six smaller icons that surrounded him have all disappeared from my windows 11 edge browser