• 3 July 2020
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Why is it that WEBROOT CUSTOMER SERVICE is only interested to offer it paying/registered Webroot Customers  --- who want to file a registered complaint to the lack or correct performace to their Webroot Security:

that Webroot Customer Service only wants to “send a survey.”  In their request that they gain information, from the donated time of its Customers? A phone call from WEBROOT Customers is enough of a commitment. 

(their logic in why) THERE IS NO OPTION ON WEBROOT Website TO  LEAVE COMMENTS (is already a question), as traffic is high the customer service of any business. Will this format of WEBROOT’S LOGIC have anything to do with the performance in how  WEBROOT’S SECURITY SOFTWARE WORKS?

Your internet customer service may be paying more attention to YOUR ACCOUNT.

1 reply

I now found a email file, of a note sent to a contact, that I sent a message to WEBROOT  --- a message that was NEVER REPLIED TO from Webroot.   As this message to my contact was of May 22nd, 2020.  
So my attempt to Webroot had to be not much time before that.  Within 10 days, as I gave legit time for response of Webroot.
With no response of that,  the first theory I put together with that --- was in what I said in my earlier to this “Webroot Community.”  In the section of “Log-In.”

I will say it straight-out here:  Webroot’s reliability/credibility  for a customer service reply  ---  no further reliable as Webroot’s quality output to the log-in.