macOS Catalina: Avoid my mistake and wait before you upgrade

  • 9 October 2019
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If, like me, you've been ignoring those popups warning you that this app or another won't be compatible with the next version of macOS, judgement day has arrived. About 10 percent of my apps aren't compatible, and some of them are pretty important. Here's what I found.

October 9, 2019 By Robin Harris

I installed macOS Catalina yesterday, despite years of warning others not to immediately download new OS versions. My sacrifice is for the greater good.

There are some big changes in Catalina that affect applications. Support for 32-bit apps is gone, so some of your favorites may no longer work. And security is amped up, which adds overhead as you're setting up the system.

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2 replies

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Webroot itself is not working after upgrading to Catalina. I know the company sent out an email about not upgrading last night, but Catalina came out Monday and the public betas had been out for a while, esp with a final version of the beta early last week to make sure it worked with applications.

This event itself is pushing me over the edge to transition out once our home license expires.

I have always upgraded OS as soon as released mainly because security patches/enhancements are always included. For the first time I am facing the situation where I renewed software license in good faith but  it does not work (renewed my home license just three weeks ago). Whether Apple goofed or Webroot was tardy is not my concern.


Now I have been driven to search for alternative to Webroot,  even though I was perfectly happy with it. When I called their number, the person taking the call said  no other vendor software with same functionality will work either. If any one knows of software with same functionality please let us know.